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    Anybody watching the daily 'live' Tennis on ESPN3?

    FYI - anyone else watching the lower-ranked ATP Pro's battling it out 'live' on ESPN3? Seems they are at some private/secluded court in Bradenton/Sarasota area... interesting stuff!
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    Dunlop NT Max Plus

    thanks for the feedback!
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    Dunlop NT Max Plus

    so,,,, what's the verdict ? Play well etc.?
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    Trying to remember old string

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    On a flight to JFK

    That's exactly how I learned back in 1976!
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    Post Your Most Recent Stringing Time

    Be 'me' a turtle or a hare... I strung 39-frames today, plus fully customized another 4-frames, (silicone injected, added leather grips, wt./bal./swingweight, etc.) as well as managed all the regular "in & our" customer sales - guessing around 40-50 cash register transactions there... all during...
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    What is/was your Most Favorite String Ever?

    besides the obvious being; VS Team 1.22 'uncoated'... for me it was Wilson 'hammer-tech 17' - loved that string for some reason! Close 2nd would be original tecnifibre 515...
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    What is/was your Most Favorite String Ever?

    VS 1.22mm "un-coated"... sublime!
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    Your greatest WORST string of all time is...

    "Tie" (for me at least..) would be... Prince "Stop Light" and Wilson "SweetSpot"... both with good "philosophies" yet neither did a damn in actuality of performance...
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    Volk holy grail ?

    Google translate - easy to use and costs nothing
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    Can I get away with no starting knots?

    still gotta 'tie-it' properly...
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    syngut colors - any differences?

    Anytime you add a colorant to a material, (nylon-P6 / P-66 etc. being discussed here) there is going to be slight differences. Sometimes for the "good" and sometimes for the "not-so-good" - back in the old days, this was done with a 'hot-process' - but updated some 10+ years ago using a...
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    Pacific FTX Multifilament

    big matt is correct~! I'd also offer that the outer-coating is really good for a multi - it holds up great with a hybrid if using poly - so actually this is my #1 favorite multi - because/being: super comfy / reliable control / durable + great price! Comes in reels too I hear... sounds like...
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    Question: How do racquet manufacturers get air into the yoke?

    There is a "pellet" inside the wrapped fibers of the added throat area/piece that when being heated in the mould (when in the oven) "blows-up", (thus, expands) and then dissolves completely. A common / typical procedure with any carbon-based moulding process whereas their is a small piece that...
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    Reduce handle weight

    When you look at it in "logical-perspective"... a Penny weighs 2.5 grams... so you must have amazing 'feel' to "feel" 2-grams!