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    Not worried as he is already in better shape than Shapo.. Hope he gets it together soon as well.
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    Hot shower before matches?

    I tried this the other day, took a shower like 40 mins before the session. I want to say it did help but it was a subtle difference. It made me warmed up for the warm up, which led to a great warm up and thus great session. I think this will be more useful if you play in the AM. I will say...
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    Going the other way around: Is it worth it?

    The 100 got me better consistency in practice but didn't necessarily pay off in match. Any aggressive shots seemed like opponents were getting to. With the 95 my concentration is on making pure contact and my swing is less free. But playing aggressive shots pays off more. On off days my arm is...
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    A proper topspin groundstroke is as complicated or simple (depending on your proficiency) as a serve

    I would agree that the serve is just less practiced. I constantly am tweaking my forehand and there are many more combinations of spin, pace, and height, placement that are useful against the type of ball that is incoming. Serves its pretty straightforward what the most efficient swing is for...
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    2021 Yonex VCore 95

    I used Aux Prestige Tour for some time, but I am not sure of the flex differences. But I am liking the vcore 95 the more I use it. The yonex maneuverability was able to pull me away from the prestige feel and control that I was addicted to.
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    2021 Yonex VCore 95

    With the vcore 95 I am experiencing inconsistent power with the FH and was wondering if anyone had a solution. Flatter shots are consistent but spin shots often spray long or get dumped into the net. I didnt experience this with any other racket. Obviously this can be a string issue, but I...
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    Solinco Confidential vs Solinco Tour Bite

    This is what I find as well with 17g. But it is so so good for those 5 hours. Its not really that bad afterwards but it's just not as sweet as it was for control and feel, and the need to restring is always on the back of my mind. But usually im too lazy for a preemptive restring so i wait till...
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Ultra Pro (16x19) Official Thread

    Anyone have comparison to the Auxetic Prestige Pro in terms of feel forgiveness and stability? And when Wilson will restock on the 16 mains?
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    Help with new string: moving on from Confidential

    May I get some suggestions as well? Currently playing confidential 17g and it gets launchy too fast, but the feel is supreme when fresh. Want something with same feel and similar spin but less power.
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    Hydrogen Sports PROTON

    Anyone else experiencing a strange smell when charging battery? Its like a burnt plastic smell. It permeates the room I'm charging in.
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    Shapovalov using the new ezone (paint job)

    Ezone was a decent move worth trying. Take some bite off the his shots so he is forced to make better decisions. Feel like he gets lost sometimes when the opponent can get him into prolonged points.
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    How has golf/tennis has made you a better tennis/golfer. (and vice/versa)

    is there pronation on the golf swing impact? I figure the golf swing is like a lefty two handed backhand (if you golf righty)
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    Good Chinese tennis videos

    Those guys make me want to play doubles. And I hate doubles.
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    Nike Zoom GP Turbo official thread.

    so.. these are not discontinued?
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    Creatine HCL

    I used to use it, thought it was fantastic. Felt better in and out of the gym. But.. I felt the creatine use led to hair loss. Scalp was sensitive and had more hair falling out during showers and just running my hands through my hair. This went away after I stopped using it. This was not the...