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    Some videos of points, serve etc... because why not

    Why do you play with a dozen balls strewn all around the court? Here in the U.S., we generally open a new can of balls and play with 3 at a time...
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    Which Pro Had the Most Low-to-High One-Hander? Any Tips On Hitting the Looper?

    Muster had a pretty vertical/spinny 1HBH for the technology of his day (pre-poly), might be worth looking into...
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    One Hand Backhand - Waht Force to Start Forward Swing?

    Another shirtless 1HBH, Robredo at 5:50 below. Notice his right pectoral muscle throughout the shot!
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    If WTA players don't hit overheads, should rec players follow suit?

    Dropshot, then lob any rec player who has a crappy overhead. Rinse and repeat as often as necessary...
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    Switched to Full Western on forehand

    It's also amazing how well he can dig out low balls, considering his W grip and the fact that he's like 6'6" !!!
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    Switched to Full Western on forehand

    Current ATP #15
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    Borg vs. McEnroe on NBC Sports

    I think Borg and McEnroe were pretty good buddies. McEnroe supposedly pleaded with Borg not to retire!?!
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    How to hit a OHBH like Arthur Ashe

    Edberg another good example of continental BH topspin. One of the best!
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    How to hit a OHBH like Arthur Ashe

    Lendl sliced quite often with his BH.
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    How to hit a OHBH like Arthur Ashe

    Yes, even Sampras would have been slayed by the 3.5's of your club...
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    tension for full bed gut ?

    Spin has more to do with technique, strings are secondary. For example, Sampras' second serve was recorded at 5,300 RPM with nat gut...
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    Can TE improve even though u keep playing?

    Good advice. My TE went away after resting until pain-free, and then switching to full-bed natural gut. I will definitely never play poly strings again!
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    2012 Ferrer was a beast

    5th highest ELO rating of last 20 years, a long relatively injury-free career, and no slams. What does that tell you about the ELO rating?