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    best shoe insert for max cushioning?

    I'm looking to potentially add some more cushioning to my tennis shoes to protect my aging joints. For those of you who use inserts, what is your favorite for maximum cushioning? Thanks!
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    Vintage Nadal destroying peak Roddick

    "Peak Roddick" in 2011? LOL, he was the 21st seed at this tournament, not exactly his peak year...
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    Training by myself, advice needed

    You can get a ball machine for a few hundred dollars. I bought one a few years ago - great for when you want to do drills but don't have a hitting partner!
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    It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll!

    Jean-Julien Rojer is another good example of an older professional player (turns 41 this year). He has won two 250's doubles so far in 2022 (Dallas and Delray Beach). I saw him play doubles a few years ago at the Winston-Salem Open and really like his game.
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    Incoming cross court shots with good pace and depth = best strategy is to send most of those back cross-court. IMHO, 1HBH DTL is best used on shorter/weaker balls where you can more easily change direction of the ball. YMMV...
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    Official Pro Staff 97 S Club

    Bump. Anyone still rocking out on the 97S?
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    At what point should restringing poly take priority over technique in terms generating topspin

    My point was that you're way too focused on a certain tension of poly being the source of your topspin. You can still hit a lot of topspin with low-tension poly (there are previous threads on that), but the launch angle changes at different tensions which might be what is throwing you off. (I...
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    At what point should restringing poly take priority over technique in terms generating topspin

    There is no reason for beginning tennis players (UTR 2) to use poly strings, IMHO. At that level you should be focusing on technique/footwork, not equipment details. You would likely be better off with nylon - also more healthy for your arm...
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    One handed backhand feedback

    I took a couple years off from tennis once COVID hit. Back in action now! Glad to see you're still working on your game! Happiness is in the journey...
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    One handed backhand feedback

    If you're looking for a model for "coiling", Kuerten has one of the best 1HBH coils IMO. He maybe doesn't coil as much in his 40's as he did in his 20's, but still impressive:
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    Some videos of points, serve etc... because why not

    Why do you play with a dozen balls strewn all around the court? Here in the U.S., we generally open a new can of balls and play with 3 at a time...
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    Which Pro Had the Most Low-to-High One-Hander? Any Tips On Hitting the Looper?

    Muster had a pretty vertical/spinny 1HBH for the technology of his day (pre-poly), might be worth looking into...
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    One Hand Backhand - Waht Force to Start Forward Swing?

    Another shirtless 1HBH, Robredo at 5:50 below. Notice his right pectoral muscle throughout the shot!