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    Yosh terrible seller!!

    What you already did was the best thing you could do. Most of the time when a bad transaction goes down the guilty party doesn't come on the boards and say "hey I messed up". It shows some good character. I know that whenever I deal on the boards I do a lot of research into the user and people...
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    Who all are staying awake tonight to watch the Fed vs Rafa?

    I'm a Nurse on night shift, I'll be wide awake :-). I'm drawing my patients labs right at 0300 this morning so I can focus on what's important :wink:
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    Tennis Warehouse-Mid Atlantic Chapter

    When did you take your NCLEX? Congratulations on passing! I took mine and passed 2 weeks ago at the testing location in Alexandria! I've got my orders and I'll be stationed at the new Hospital at Fort Belvoir, I'm looking forward to the new facility but kinda bummed that they don't have an ICU...
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    Switching racquets, and hand pain

    I would be questioning your grip size instead of the stiffness if you're not getting any arm pain.
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    Great trade with OoonOoon!!

    Worked out a trade with for my Pro Kennex Ionic 5k PSE, he traded me two for my one because of the difference in conditions as my PSE is in nearly new condition. He is a great communicator, provided a tracking number and carefully packaged so that they would arrive in good condition. Overall...
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    Replacement head guard for nTour Two.

    Just wondering if anyone knows a head guard that is currently made that will fit the nTour Two. I would guess the BLX Tour head guard would fit but I'd like to get more information/confirmation if this is the case. Thanks!
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    Indian Wells QF: Murray [3] vs. Del Potro [7]

    Good win for delpo! Totally screwed up my fantasy points!
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    What this tells us about Djokovic?

    It shows the same thing the scoreboard did, that he would still be up 6-3.
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    match vids: 3.5- vs 4.0+ and 3.5- vs 3.5-

    Great vids man, looking good out there.
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    Rafa Nadal vs Ryan Harrison, IW 2013 2nd round Match

    Is Nadal's knee bothering him or is RH just playing well?
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    Should the ATP put Indian Wells on par with the slams?

    It's an intriguing idea. I do like the suggestion of another slam in South America though, I also think the USO or the AUSO need to go to grass.
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    2013 Indian Wells Masters - general discussion thread

    Fed making quick work of Istomin, school's in session.
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    2013 Indian Wells Masters - general discussion thread

    That's a great win for Hewitt, glad I'll be seeing more of him.