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    Hacked Yahoo Email advice?

    Thank You... I thought I tried that site, however, I found a friend's parent who was an IT pro who fixed it in 45 minutes ... pro bono
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    Hacked Yahoo Email advice?

    My Yahoo email was hacked so that my incoming email is blocked, does anyone have advice on canceling the block email request? Or a phone number for Yahoo customer service Thank You Very Much
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    Highest ranked player you ever faced?

    Stacey Martin .... she let me win 3 or 4 games. I think she retired after a couple years because she could not afford to continue playing. Does anyone know for sure?
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    Your favourite one liner/short jokes

    Where is the bottom at the top? . . . . . . your leg
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    Your favourite one liner/short jokes

    What do you call a deer with no eyes? . . . . no idea......... no eye deer
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    Non clean contact and hand discomfort

    Try looking at the ball at contact. Say hit at the contact, it will force you to watch the ball.
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    Coach search

    I would use both coaches. One that is fun for a few years and then the serious one when he gets older. It is important to have fun when you are young. As you get older most kids want to play well and be competitive.
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    Offseason tips

    Where do you live? in the next 6 months, there should be several days that are playable..... unless you live up north 2 years ago in Maryland, we were playing on Christmas eve.
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    Coach recommendation in DC area?

    What is the problem with the serve? And what lever are you?
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    What is the best non-cable tv option?

    I am ready to cut the cable cord, it is almost $200. What is the best option to get satellite tv? and your cost
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    Consistently hitting the throat

    coordination is decent, he gets the proper position on the backhand. And we tried a two-handed forehand that worked, however, he is reluctant to stay with that option.
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    Consistently hitting the throat

    Help! How do you correct a student who hits the throat on 7 out of 10 forehands?
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    Always shop around for insurance

    I agree, had Liberty Mutual for 30+ years with a perfect record. The rates kept going up 10% + a year, so I went to State Farm and saved 30%.
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    Is there too much emphasis on serve speed over consistency and accuracy at the rec level?

    There is at the High School level. I had a boy who hit 119 mph and rarely won his serve. His first serve % was less than 20, his second serve was about 30 mph.
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    Advice needed for playing against 2 strong serve and volleyers

    move forward on the return.... start as deep as you need to