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    How to restring crosses only?

    I think I misinterpreted this before on the Prince frame. When I think of a starting knot I think of tying a knot to tie a cross to a main. The way you’re using the term you are starting your crosses and anchoring them with a finishing knot. Sorry about that.
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    Burn V4 Stringing Instructions. Wilson or Klippermate ?

    Look at the racket. Rackets that have 3 grommets close together in a corner have 1 skip, where rackets with 2 sets if 3 grommets spaced close together skip 2. Most 16 main rackets skip 7&9 or 8. Most 18 main rackets skip 8&10 or 9...
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    Stringing of Prince 120sq - 03 Legacy

    Are you saying you don't know exactly where the starting knot would be? It is easy to get confused, that's all I'm saying. EDIT: There is more than one ATW and which one you use determines where you start and end the SS.
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    Stringing of Prince 120sq - 03 Legacy

    @Steve Huff you could do 1 or 3 of the top crosses and tie off on the opposite side of the starting knot hole? Are you sure about that? I think you will have more luck stringing it 2 piece.
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    Stringing of Prince 120sq - 03 Legacy

    With a Prince racket where the mains tie at throat there is no SS marking. When the mains tie at head you should not be using an ATW.
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    Wise 2086 - Any way to know many strings has on it?

    Ask original owner and hope they’re truthful.
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    lead tape placement - how does it effect your game?

    The sweet spot moves with the balance, raise the balance, and you raise the sweet spot. Adding mass improves plow through.
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    Restring only crosses in alternate weave on opposite side of gut notching ?

    Not true. Flipping the racket will move the knots to the opposite sides but won’t change the weave. If a cross starts going over a main (and there are no weave errors) that cross goes under the last main. When you flip a racket the top becomes the bottom swaps and you’re looking at a mirror...
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    Rookie mistakes causing lower tension

    If your DW arm falls when you remove a clamp you are losing tension. STOP and find out what is wrong. Always adjust the DW arm wishing 5 degrees of level preferably on the high side of being level. Buy good clamps like Stringway or Pro-Stringer. The stock composite clamps DO work but they must...
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    Stringing of Prince 120sq - 03 Legacy

    That is a safe way to string the racket if you get the short side on the correct side. For someone that get started on the wrong side that’s not a good idea. An O3 racket is not symmetrical and be started backwards. I would string it with 1 piece initially but run all mains as a 2 piece. What...
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    Stringway Flying Clamps

    I assume you're talking about claws. One of the features I like about Claws is they adjust to string spacing. A L will be too wide and bulky for tight patterns while a M will not be wide enough for wide spacing on outer strings.
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    dunlop biomimetic 100 / tension

    If customer asked for 50/49 give him 50/49
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    Rookie mistakes causing lower tension

    One issue you could have is the clamps are slipping. Hold the string as close to the clamp as possible on the DW side of the clamp. As you lift the DW bar if there is any slipping you will feel it.
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    Should I buy spare set of grommets?

    It is better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them. Depending on how badly you wear out grommets you could get more than 1 per frame.
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    Problem with Eagnas stringing machine

    It looks like the brake disk has the center broken out of it. I do not think a wrench is going to fix that. I’d call Eagnas (+1 (310) 523-4641) and see if I could get some help from them, but don’t expect too much. Don’t mention you were not the original owner. EDIT: Another option (probably...