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    Dumb Question About a Lead Tape Adjustment:

    You say it mishits more than your other rackets. Are they all the same type? What are your racket specs?
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    stringing cost

    a cross over will not lower tension or affect how the racket plays. More cosmetics than anything depend on the location. If the cross is in one of the top corners of a racket it will hold the top string of the crossover out farther. If the racket grommet strip is worn the string will be subject...
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    what is the purpose of power pads?

    Using power pads is more a user preference. I would not use PPs in the throat of a Babolat with the high Woofer grommets. They tend to ride around the woofer to the side where tension is applied, and the woofer provides the same advantage (if there is one.) Power pads round off the 180 bend in...
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    Tournament Stringing Help!

    Are you cooking this weekend? Can’t tell you the last time I cooked beef ribs any more baby backs Are the only ribs I cook. EDIT: About the only beef cuts I cook are brisket, Philly cheesesteaks, and steaks. Every now and then dogs or burgers
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    stringing cost

    How often does it come up? Once when I had an overlap outside the frame. I would have strung the racket again with his $2 set of SG if he provided the string. I can not remember the last time I had a mis weave on a racket. I can't remember the last time I had a string break other than when I...
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    Tournament Stringing Help!

    I assume you are going to Costco to save money. You'd be better off getting the Kirkland brand of Naproxen Sodium 220 mg instead of paying extra for the Aleve brand.
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    stringing cost

    I do guarantee my labor if I made a mistake they still accept the responsibility for it. If they bring me another pack of string I will correct the problem and they only get charged once. For example, assume someone brought you a set of gut to string and you agreed to charge them $10 labor to...
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    Babolat 3001 instructions

    Once upon a time there was an EE on the boards that wanted to buy my Star 5 tension module when I got another one but I had to return it. That EE wanted the module to look at the code I assume to see how it worked. I wonder if any one else has ever looked at the code and could help solve any issues?
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    Fixed clamps when stringing crosses

    That’s true, but I though you mention a string would be clamped twice on the same side my bad. I probably did in one at least one of my videos. When straightening string I do it after the clamp have passed the string but I try to get the bow out when I tension too. The clamp (especially flying...
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    Fixed clamps when stringing crosses

    Unless you bar is bent it won’t matter which side of the bar you place your level. If the bar is straight the angle remains constant.
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    Fixed clamps when stringing crosses

    I think you’re confused. You clamp the strings the same number of times whether you use 1 or 2 clamps. You should never clamp a string twice on the same side though. Let’s assume all your even numbered crosses are tensioned toward the left side of the racket. So when you tension the 2nd cross...
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    Fixed clamps when stringing crosses

    Not true especially for a fixed clamp machine. The clamps on a fixed clamp machine will not reach all the way across to the other side because the rail limits its travel. On a flying clamp machine if you only use one clamp the DW arm will fall every time you release a cross and you lose tension...
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    NXT drop weight vs electronic with prestretch

    to get the same with a drop weight you should pull at the same tension. I have a Star 5 and an X-2 machine. If they are both set on 50 lbs of tension I will not get the same tension inside a frame, the X-2 will read a little lower than the Star 5 does. If you question the tension on a machine...
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    I seem to like a DT of 28 from the Stringway online tension advisor
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    Help with Nat Gut stringing for 18x20

    Seems like if you had enough string to do that you would not need a bridge. If you loop and knot the string there is a better chance of breaking it then you would have a hard time tying off.