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    Gotta give credit for Nole, but

    A big part of long-term success is being healthy when the stakes are highest. Federer is a great example. He rarely has to look back on a match and say, "I was not at my physical best due to injury or recovery process." At his peak he destroyed most challengers with his skill and consistent...
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    Safarova/Ivanovic: who will hand the match to the opponent on a silver platter?

    Sadly, when it got really tense at the end, it became a question of which player would make more mistakes, rather than which player would rise up and demonstrate a Serena Williams-like will to win.
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    John McEnroe knows that Jerzy Janowicz is 6' 8"

    ..and he reminded us of this fact approximately 100 times during the match against Monfils. Clearly Mac is suffering from some height envy and I also think he may be in love with Janowicz.
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    So seriosuly ....who watched the US open final

    I watched live. I was pulling for Nishikori. One got the feeling early on that once Cilic got a break of serve, each set was over. So, the question: are we looking at the next Djokovic or the next Safin?
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    Serena gets crushed by Muguruza

    Incredible Hulk big
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    The Williams Sisters & Li Na are old their losses no surprise

    I'd like to be an "ancient" 34 ;-) Though your point is well-taken I have to disagree with your assertion that "Li Na and the Williams Sisters make women tennis so interesting." I'd rather watch paint dry. Give me more Muguruzas and Bouchards any day! cheers
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    How do you manage your time

    And I thought I had it good. This sounds like a fantasy existence. I assume you don't have kids?
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    Tipsy Time

    great stuff but he really needs a new nickname.
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    French commentator comedy (Serena's weight)

    If Serena is a pound less than 185 I'll eat my hat.
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    French commentator comedy (Serena's weight)

    That is funny. I'll refrain from actual Serena weight predictions and will instead post this picture below to give you an idea of what I think she actually weighs. BTW wta website says 5' 9", 150 lbs. Sure...
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    Does Mardy Fish have pockets?

    I believe Mardy's balls are in her pocket:
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    Why all the hate for Wozniaki?

    Speak for yourself chief. Average at best, somewhat Amazonian, oddly rounded lower face area for someone who is supposed to be in such great physical condition. Big girl, no question, suspected donut eater, you can have her.
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    Rafa is taking injections in his foot to keep playing @ Wimbledon

    I think there is some truth to this. One has to wonder if Nadal will end up shortening his career. I'd have to say the writing has been on the wall for awhile, but he continues to win and has had very few extended injury periods. The big issue -- which is probably impossible for Nadal to put...
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    why is nbc showing murray instead of fish?

    They want to be sure Lopez is shown live blowing a kiss to Murray's mother.