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    USTA self-rate question

    I don't think it was BS for the kid in the OP. kevrol is not the OP.
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    USTA self-rate question

    Kids around here sometimes play in the leagues, but they would universally laugh at any middle aged guy who came to them and said they had to dump games vs guys who don't belong on the same court as them just in order to remain eligible to help glorify the captain. How is that appealing to some...
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    When was the last time someone tried to underhand serve you?

    This I agree with. I support the use of the underhand serve as a way to give an opponent a different look on your serve in terms of pace, spin, depth, etc, but not to trick him by disguising whether you are actually even serving or not.
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    USTA self-rate question

    "Hiding people in doubles" is a fallacy. If the guy eventually gets a dynamic rating higher than the partners he is playing with, it makes the likelihood of strikes higher not lower. There was a guy in the 4.0 league here who was DQ'd last summer. The guy is a borderline 4.0/4.5, and I really...
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    3-1 and serving, most important game in a set?

    The most important game to win in a tennis mach is the last one.
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    Another check in from 4.0 state

    I just looked it up because the mention tweaked a memory or something on here, and sure enough, another poster on here (who is now a 5.0) may or may not have been double bageled by the Houston kid at those nationals. LOL.
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    Another check in from 4.0 state

    The irony, of course, is that that team lost in the semis because one of those kids DID lose to an even more ringery of a ringer who was then double bumped to 5.5.
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    TLS Rating vs Tennisrecords

    T TR definitely wins on user friendliness of the site. For that, it's actually great. For their ratings, much less so.
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    USTA self-rate question

    The good ones are. It's literally their job to promote the league, and one of the things they should be doing is making sure as best possible that everyone who wants to play in the league can play at the right level.
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    "I joined a D.C. tennis league thinking I’d make a few friends. But this was no social club.."

    It sounds like he grew to enjoy the more competitive non-social atmosphere of the league as it went on even though it wasn't what he envisioned going in.
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    USTA self-rate question

    The minimum self-rating guideline for D3 college players under 25 is 5.0. With that said, the minimum guidelines are in place to keep strong players from going too far down, not to prevent weak players from...
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    How Will This Be Decided?

    IMO, the most fair way to settle this would be to schedule a flight playoff between the two teams so that at least it's settled on the court.
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    How Will This Be Decided? This is the applicable passage here: So, in this district, they are basically saying it's up to the ALC, which is generally not a good thing when that person will have to make a ruling that...
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    Do we actually know how TR and TLS calculate their ratings?

    When you see this repeating in TR, it usually means one of the players is self-rated in their first two matches and therefore has no rating, and the match is just used to set that player's rating and everyone else's is just brought forward from the existing value. This is correct. I'm not sure...
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    Players that improve as adults

    There is a guy around here who did. He was a top 4.5 for years even playing in 4.5 nationals, but now he's at least in his mid/late 70s and playing 3.5. I had him on my team as a 4.0 maybe 7 or 8 years ago. One of my favorite guys on the team telling great stories about his 50 years of tennis...