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    Players with ball machines, how many court hours do your balls last?

    I would warmly recommend Babolat Academy pressureless, last for yrs
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    Spinshot ball machine service stand

    Please, keep on mind that by the time the ball reaches the other side the speed has reduced to about half of the original and thus, if you wish to use a...
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    Have a court in backyard

    I guess we have gravitated pretty far from DonPepe´s original question. But anyway, I simply wished to emphasize with my own example that if you’re willing to put in lots of own effort, and make some compromises, you’ll be able to reduce the costs quite a bit. I would guess in SW FL there must...
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    Have a court in backyard

    Must be a challenge in the regions with astronomical real estate prices. I was lucky to live in a rural area, already with enough acreage to accommodate also a court. Lucky also in terms of the ground layer: landfill material and thus had to pay only for a short transportation. Actually that was...
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    Have a court in backyard

    Tell me about it! I routinely harvest fuzzy balls, particularly by the end of the season, before the first snow. But luckily the crop seems to get smaller over the yrs, this time only six.
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    Have a court in backyard

    Yes, it probably is very expensive if done the professional way, e.g. laying out foundation with proper reinforcement, full height around the whole perimeter, locked gates etc. However, one should remember that the only, or at least primary, task for the fence is to keep balls within the court...
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    Have a court in backyard

    Sounds like an optimal setup, you're able to access a court 24/7/365! I think the best thing about the own court is the access. One can use even short times that wouldn't be used if one had to commute.
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    Have a court in backyard

    For my set of construction skills, and first of all budget, DIY was the only option and thus choosing this surface was a no-brainer. But sure, in terms of minimizing maintenance hard court would be optimal.
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    Have a court in backyard

    Not able to give specific hints for FL but you'll find several threads on this very topic. Up here in far, far NE, if you're willing to work on this yourself you can make it with slightly over 10k € (materials only, no estimate on cost of own hrs). No lights, though but with long light nights...
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    Head Zepp Sensor mounted to other rackets - a threat or an opportunity

    I've replaced caps to three non-Heads (one Wilson, two Prince), fairly easy to do. I am NOT any kind of carpenter, or skilled in this kind of work, and thus, if I can do it, anyone can! However, be prepared to grind inside the handle so that the battery part of the sensor will have enough space...
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    Spinfire 2 ball machine - any users?

    I've used the machine over six yrs, very happy, also with the service I've got, both from the local rep, and Australia, would highly recommend. I don't have experience, though, of other machines. Anyway, I would say it is definitely among my top 10 purchases, of ANYTHING! Naturally it doesn't...
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    Head Zepp Sensor serve accuracy?

    I've used the Head gadget since January 2018, also compared with readings from the Pocket Radar Ball Coach, and they seem to match, more or less, no large deviations.
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    Head Racquet Sensor......Powered by ZEPP!

    Have used this gadget all the time since late April of this year (60+ sessions) and my opinion haven´t changed: still worth of the money, and would recommend to anyone.
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    Head Tennis Sensor

    Have used the sensor quite extensively a couple of months and very satisfied so far (best things are the stroke by stroke data plus, unlike the one by Sony, this will not come loose accidentally). However, not able to comment on accuracy. Made some comparison with the pocket radar and based on...
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    Tennis Tutor Raised Platform or other ;upgrades'

    My two cents on raised platforms. This has, I think, worked pretty well. Naturally, as noted above, nothing compares to a playmate