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    Why Don't They Make More 24 Beams??

    Here is a link to David Ferrer's personal, weight not yet added, Pure Drive + Stiffness is 72, like the regular production version - he has far more power than any rec player. Nadal has used the original APD...
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    medvdev stick

    This site has been linked in the past, so I think it's ok.
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    Svitolina's black overgrip

    I think you've got it.
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    Kyrgios racket spec.?

    100%. In his autobiography, The Game Kramer talks about his multiple bouts with tennis elbow despite using his Jack Kramer autograph, 4 3/4 grip, weighing 14 ounces strung with natural gut.
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    New Volkl String -massive spin

    Interested in your thoughts. i tried the 16, seemed like a 1.35. I prefer the Cyclone Tour 16 to it. Better feel, more comfort, about the same spin for me.
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    Is Tsitsipas now with New Balance?

    Turns out he was just trolling, and he is not near the name Leonard is but NB is paying Kawhi a fortune
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    Pro specs sheet

    Good point. If it is just the lightest of the production model hairpins that then have his custom grip attached, and a little lead/silicone to come up to his specs, it's a Gravity. If it's the same layup but very light and has lots of weight added, that would be a Gravity Pro Stock. If it is a...
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    HEAD G360 Extreme

    Can't imagine playing it without full poly. Wouldn't even like a hybrid unless two different polys.
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    HEAD G360 Extreme

    The Pro Stock Extreme, strung with Sonic Pro, that Bahrami played with for years feels a lot like the 360 retail version. He had no trouble hitting touch shots with it, which supports your analysis.
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    HEAD G360 Extreme I'm tempted to do down the rabbit hole customizing this - it specs out like a pro stock for sale retail.
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    Haase with Radical MP

    I had a TGK 260.2 that was customized for a former pro, silicone and lead to 12 oz with 5 pt HL balance. It was similar in play to an IG Rad MP weighted up the same way, the string pattern, not the flex or magic materials that gave it a little more spin.
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    No stencil for Khachanov

    Surprised this hasn't been worked out behind the scenes with him back to Wilson openly with stencil. If Head tries to force him to stay with them, he could say negative things about the brand that would cause more damage to them than they would recover in legal action.
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    HEAD G360 Extreme

    This tells the story of tweaking the frame to get it like he wanted
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    Roman Prokes Under Review Podcast Interview

    Thanks for the kind words on your post directly above. I don't want to come off as a "light is the only way to go" guy. Racquet choice at any level is an individual thing, and there will always be those who buck the current trend. Yours sounds like an awesome setup, it's the sort of thing I'd...
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    Roman Prokes Under Review Podcast Interview

    I guess I have paid too much attention to a few flat-earthers on the boards. BTW, dr325i, I always appreciate your expertise about pro stocks.