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    FS: Dunlop Muscle Weave 100G/200G 90 L3 9/10

    Could you send me your pics? Thanks,
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    Volk GripShape - comparable to WHAT - Wilson, Babolat, Head or Dunlop ??

    It's shape is between HEAD and Wilson to me.
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    What replacement grip you are using under Tourna grip (original)

    As the topic said. Now i'm using Gamma leather. It's not absorb moist as I expect. What you'll recommend.
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    How to make an AK90 into a K90?

    Go to TW university then look for customization. Fill the blank for ideal outcome with TW's K90 data. First of all, you have to know yours, especially weight and swing weight. It's very easy but I recommend to fill with overgripped and strung data.
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    question pro kennex black ace 93 vs dunlop AG 100

    NO! i've been stuck with your modified Redondo, not BA93 :twisted: I won't be saying that AG100 is bad. But it's not good enough for players who like classic feel. BA93 is much much more solid. I've leaded up my AG100 to be around 13 oz but I can't solidify my AG100, just made it heavier...
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    Where can I buy an AK90?

    Trust me, go to gym to build your muscle. I own 1 of AK90, i think K90 is better than Asian version.
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    New Dunlop Aerogel 4D 100, 200 Tour, 600, 700, and The Legend at Thailand Open 2009

    Damm! Is The legend made for human! It's look like PD mold. Only one string for this stick which came in my mind is "Klip Legend":)
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    Monfils`s exo3 rebel 95

    LOL slider man :D But I think he's the second from Djokovic.
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    Danai Udomchokes Davis Cup Racquet pics

    Is this the right picture? I think all Thai players play with current technology not paintjob except Tammy, Tammarin Tanasukarn, Thai No.1 female player. She played AG300 with AG500 tour paintjob, but i'm not sure about her AG500 4D. I used to swing her AG500 tour painjob, it's felt as same as...
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    Nadal checking out Pure Drive in Montreal

    He had used PD team before changed to APD in early 2004.
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    [Nike] 2010 Clothing and shoes

    I can't see pics.
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    Pics of Nadal's Racquet

    No, just put it on the top of frame, under bumper not inside the frame.:???:
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    Who is using racquet from the future.

    It's like Fed has done before. He has used K90 in N90 paintjob. Do you think any pro' are using "next" model or trying something "new". :)
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    Wilson K 6.1 Tour, N 6.1 Tour, PS ROK

    Please send me your 8/10 K90's pics. Would you mind to send to Thailand? JacKKy
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    Volkl '09

    Suppawat tried both. Wait for his reply. :)