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    Should Rafa retire after winning 2014 AO?

    If he wins the 2014 AO there is no way he is not playing and winning the 2014 FO and that would put him at 15.
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    Nadal is the Dark Knight to Federer’s Superman.

    You must know little about Batman. He always has the upper hand, even against superman. Batman always holds on to some kryptonite, just in-case he needs to take superman out.
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    What Player's String Choice And Tension Surprised You Most?

    That string still has plenty of touch and feel, also the tension makes sense for how large the racket head is and how open the pattern is.
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    How does Djokovic not get injured?

    He does get injured all the time, but 1) he tries to keep it as quite as possible 2) it simply does not get as much news 3) maybe hGH?
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    Durability is a part of this game.

    You should let Federer know about this.
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    Are the courts actually getting slower?

    This debate is dead and over, there is far too much evidence that supports the OP, and others like myself. Time to end the excuses, S&V is effect. As Gasquet, he used S&V against one of the histories best passing shot tennis players, Federer had his *** handed to him multiple times by true...
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    Great article on court speed and how it as been slowed down

    That first video is just Federer's serve, also notice that both of those serves are not the same. They are a different type of serve placed in a different location. Also, we don't even know if that location on court has different playing characteristics, grass courts still get divits just like...
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    Best Reason for Federer's Loss

    roberdo/Federer Points 110 Total Points 101 61 Winners 38 26 Unforced Errors 43 Service 6 Aces 5 4 Double Faults 0 88/125 (70%) 1st Serve % 52/86 (60%) 61/88 (69%) 1st Serve points won 38/52 (73%) 17/37 (46%) 2nd Serve points won 16/34 (47%) 4/7 (57%) Break Point...
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    Great article on court speed and how it as been slowed down

    Does anyone find it ironic that Federer has his best results on the slowest hard court on the ATP tour, the WTF?
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    Greatest Rivalry

    Nadal vs Federer is not a rivalry at all, it is virtually total domination.
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    Federer's decline is 90% mental

    I don't see Federer losing to Robredo if Nadal was not on his side of the draw. Also, if Federer truly is slower then a slower court, if they are slower, will do nothing more than give him more time to get to the ball.
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    Best Reason for Federer's Loss

    Did the rain work against Federer for once? Honestly look at the BP chances, why did Federer not convert any of those points. Robredo was giving Federer every chance to win that match. The reality is that we all know Federer has mental issues with Nadal. Federer has the ability to be much...
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    Do you want to see Nadal breaking Federer's Grand Slam record?

    Why would you vote no? If a player wins, they deserve it.