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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Wilson Clash

    For those of you reviewing, could you do more comparisons to stiff/spin oriented racquets (like the super popular Babolat APD/PD)? Too much of what I've read and seen has been: this racquet does everything well and regurgitation of marketing hype. Obviously it doesn't do everything well, there...
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    Please recommend a poly that just grabs the "bleep" out of the ball

    If you take most of these spin strings and move your fingers on them, you can barely tell it's texture. Luxilon is just a little texture. Solinco is a little edge. Diadem on the other hand you can clearly see and feel. It's like it has fins. That can be good or bad depending on your...
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    Softest Spin Oriented Co-Poly?

    Element Rough. It doesn't play like most polys. Very soft, almost like a multi. If you string it loose, it's very powerful.
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    Looking for a unicorn (comfortable, low power, and spin)

    Try Babolat Origin 16 strung at the highest recommended tension for your racquet.
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    Tell me all about Luxilon Element...

    I have Element Rough in a racquet. Compared to every other poly I’ve used, it’s very powerful. It’s also very easy on your arm, feels like a multi. It’s too lively for me and not enough firmness. Spin is very good, but not great because sometime the string feels like you need to pull back a...
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    Anyone try 19 or 20 poly cross?

    Specifically I'm looking to find out if using a 20 g Hyper-G main is risky because of how thin is is. I'm breaking 1.25 in around five hours, looking to get a lot more longevity but keep it as comfortable as possible by going to a super thin cross.
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    Anyone try 19 or 20 poly cross?

    I've got Hyper-G 1.25 in the mains currently with 1.15 as a cross. 1.25 is not durable enough, I probably need to go to 1.35. Has anyone that hits hard tried a 19 or 20 poly cross (for comfort)?
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    String with longer lifespan?

    If you trust the TW reviews, the consensus is Luxilon 4G and a few other stiff polys have the longest playability. But the downside is those strings are super stiff and hard on your arm.
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    Diadem Solstice Power 1.25 / Evolution 1.25 Quick Review

    Final update, the Diadem hybrid is about to break (maybe five hours or so). String movement is now poor and the strings have to be adjusted after every point. Feel is slightly move "pingy" but still more muted than Element Rough, and the power level is not bad. Compared to the Element Rough...
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    Diadem Solstice Power 1.25 / Evolution 1.25 Quick Review

    After a few more hours, I can say that the Diadem hybrid is actually very nice. Comfortable, great spin, minimal string movement, and consistent playability. I hope to get six hours out of it before it breaks. In comparison, the Element became way too powerful and doesn't compare in control...
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    Diadem Solstice Power 1.25 / Evolution 1.25 Quick Review

    Strung the Solstice Power at 52 and the Evolution at 55. This combination is very muted, and is very comfortable. I strung a racquet with Luxilon Element Rough at 50, to be able to compare a comfortable hybrid versus a "soft" co-poly. The Element Rough felt much more lively, more powerful...
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    Hyper-G w/ Diadem Evolution Crosses

    I'm getting close to three hours with it. I would say if you like hybrids it's very good. It is definitely comfortable. At hour three the only real issue is string movement because the crosses get worn down across the surface, so you will need to straighten the mains out. But I've had this...
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    Crosses - soft feel but resistant to grind

    Try Diadem Evolution, it's the cheaper version of Babolat Origin. Origin is nice too, but $22.
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    Hyper-G w/ Diadem Evolution Crosses

    I did a full bed in both racquets when I bought them. Origin is very nice, but $22 is too expensive and it breaks in three hours for me. I didn't try a Origin hybrid because of the cost. I just ordered some more Hyper-G 18 and I'm going to try a full bed next. Vanquish is multi. Fraying...
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    Hyper-G w/ Diadem Evolution Crosses

    I put Hyper-G 18 in the mains at 52. Diadem Evolution 16L in the crosses at 55. In a Burn 100S with 18g added. The only other strings I've put in the Burn 100S are Wilson Synthetic Gut Power (terrible durability with horrendous string movement), Babolat Origin (very nice but expensive and not...