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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    Anyone have any experience with these Babolat Pure Control Team+? Managed to pick these 2 up the other day, never used extended length before.
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    Live by the Blade...Die by the Blade...

    I found hyper g 17 to work perfectly perfectly with this frame. Probably the best string for any 18 x 20 pattern in my opinion. I would recommend not using a shock absorber to have more feel and feedback. Still extremely comfortable, and I have a history of shoulder issues.
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    New Racquet Recommendation from 2015 Blade 98 user

    I used the blade 2015 with leather for years, and still go back to it occasionally but always end up missing something on serves. Now using Tecnifibre 315 dcs3 with lots of lead. Would say it's a mid point between pure drive and blade. Feel is rubbish compared but results are more important...
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    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    I'm using the T Fight 315 (same model year as your picture), and considering about changing strings, so would really appreciate the feedback! Or about any other string for that matter. String pattern is very open so needs to be durable. Will drop you a PM now. Cheers!
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    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Where did you get the new stencil from? Looks great! Any feedback on ice code? Currently use YPTP, but feels slightly mushy.
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    The Racquets of Daniil Medvedev

    I presume weights 359 and 356 grams are strung? Any idea on where the weight is added?
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    Have just seen the new vcore pro 97 (or paint job) on Instagram. Looks unreal.
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    Platinum RF 97 racquet: 20K

    Any chance of a demo?
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    Denis Shapovalov to Yonex

    And is he using Yonex Poly Tour Tough? And what gauge?
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    Denis Shapovalov to Yonex

    Interested to know if he uses leather grip? And strung weight?
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    Yonex players - what are you using?

    Increase in weight, more headlight balance. Better feel of bevels, although an individual preference. Feels much more solid. Serves were improved so much, as I felt they were not great serving rackets in stock form. Of course, an increase in weight and more headlight balance might be worse for...
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    Yonex players - what are you using?

    Xi seems more powerful on serves and crisper feeling. Ai feels more muted and control orientated. But in reality both very very similar, powerful and spin friendly rackets. Both very comfortable and user friendly. Xi is currently getting more game time however. Good rackets in stock form...
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    Yonex players - what are you using?

    2x Xi98 2x Ai98 All have leather grips. Deciding which string to use, PTP 1.25 or Tour Bite 1.30.