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    Why DOES Nadal stink indoors?

    i bet he stinks outdoors too.
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    Was Federer clutcher, less nervous, in the 2004-2009 period ?

    sampras was much more erratic than federer, still much much more clutch.
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    Tennis is about 4 events only

    no, weeks at number 1, year end no 1 and wtf wins are also very important.
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    Osaka's phenomenal big match record

    similar build? are you blind? thats an offend to osaka! no woman should ever have a body like serena?
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    Nadal WTF SF and AO QF

    he didnt lose a bit of mental edge, he lost it all! he was the mentally toughest player when he arrived in 2005, for many years. now he loses more than 50 % of 50 - 50 matches. but you are right, this has no effect on french open, he doesnt need have mental edge there.
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    1999 FO -- Hingis Was Right

    graf was a cheater, not only on this occasion. but like germany in football, who dived to world cup titles, people remember her as fair player
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    What was Federer worst Wimbeldon final in terms of level?

    when federer was 19 he said on german television that he never heard of romeo and juliet.
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    Djokovic vs Sampras (at their best)

    yeah i agree with you. sampras at the french would lose to djokovic 10 out of 10 times.
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    Great Return but mediocre ground game

    Stefan Edberg
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    Great Return but mediocre ground game

    yes, his return of second serves at wimbledon were really good, especially backhand
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    Nalbandian AO 04-06

    yes ferrero is probably the most underated player here on this forum.
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    No tennis player will have the epilogue of the true GOAT of GOATS Diego Maradona

    federer is as boring as messi, nadal also. djokovic has personality, just not a very likeable one for many people.
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    Highest USO level in their victory?

    roddick 2003 and hewitt 2001 are underrated