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    Anyone missing Wawrinka, Stan the Man?

    djokovic is missing peak wawrinka for sure.
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    US Open 2021 the most memorable slam ever?

    i already forgot it.
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    Novak Fans - another AO, a third RG, or a fourth USO?

    uso, he really underperformed there. 6 finals lost and only 3 won is terrible, and so is nadals 1 more us open title.
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    Most efficient player of all time?

    both! sampras was weakest year end number 1 in of the weakest periods of tennis.
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    Slam final losses to non ATG players.

    the loss to nishikori in 2014 us open is worse than all losses to murray and wawrinka combined.
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    Slam final losses to non ATG players.

    he was outplayed i 4 of these 5 finals, had not much to do with mental toughness.
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    Who defeated the highest level Safin?

    it does count if you break it down to surface, because this was safins highest level ever on grass.
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    Who defeated the highest level Safin?

    how about ivanisevic defeating safin at wimbledon 2001 quarterfinal? this was the best safin ever played on grass, and it was close, but goran made all first serves in the tiebreaks.
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    Most efficient player of all time?

    sampras. he did just enough to win. the way he finished 1998 as worst year end number 1 ever also speaks for his efficiency.
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    You can change ONE match result from tennis history...

    i really would like to know if seles serve at 6:5 in the first set tiebreak was really out. it looked like an ace, but was called out. maybe the most biggest line mistake in the history of women tennis.
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    Djoko's stamina?

    both djokovic and tsitsipas played their best tennis in the first set, but djokovic then had a very bad service game when serving for the first set, and then was awful in the second set. but he started very well against a very well playing opponent.
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    What would they do if they weren't professional tennis players/

    federer is as stupid as it gets, nadal is not much smarter.
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    Medvedev 2021 Uo vs Wawrinka 2016 Uo who wins?

    Medvedev, no debate for me.
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    How was roddick able to serve as fast as he did when he was only 6 foot 2 and not even very lanky?

    yes there was a documentary about his serve in german, around 2003 or 2004, and it was mentioned that his shoulder was very flexible, much much more than an average person.