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    Wanted: Angell ASL3

    Looking for an Angell ASL3, preferably with a 4 1/2 grip (L4), but will consider 4 3/8 (L3). Send PM or email winzenz at charter dot net
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    Forgiving racquet 270-300 for an lower-intermediate female

    I second the Angell ASL3. My 15 year old daughter switched to it and really likes it. She also demoed Yonex Ezone 100, Clash 100L, Clash 98, and Blade 104 (both CV and V7)
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    Anyone play Donnay?

    Just got an sale email from them over the weekend. In the email it mentioned a "new" website.
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    Prince Textreme Warrior 107 Limited Edition

    Looking for Prince Textreme Warrior 107 Limited Edition (blue) grip size 4 1/4 (2). Will also consider 4 3/8 (3). PM or email at winzenz at charter dot net
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    Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro - Balance issues?

    On Head's website and on the racquet it indicates the balance is 1 in (inch) HL, not 1 pt. 1 inch = 8 pts. Those are unstrung specs and will change once the racquet is strung.
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    Favourite racket design?

    One of my personal favorites (I think Perter Fig had something to do with this too)
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    Head Graphene 360 Speed Racquets

    It is currently strung with Weiss Cannon Dual Reality at 49/54.
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    Head Graphene 360 Speed Racquets

    I find it very arm friendly. Mine is strung with a poly/syn. gut hybrid and I have yet to feel any arm pain or soreness.
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    Everyone dislikes this frame but you

    Wilson Burn FST 95
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    Pattern Problems!

    You could try a thicker gauge in the 16x19 or a thinner gauge in the 18x20
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    Fischer Tennis Question: Calling ALL Fischer Experts !

    There's one listed for sale on the big auction site
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    Video Review - Wilson Burn FST 95 & 99 by @BounceHitBounceHit & @Geoff

    It’s the latter - it fits the ergo inserts.
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    Wilson Blade CV, weird grip shape hump in handle normal?

    That’s Wilson’s Ergo handle system. It’s suppose to enhance the two-handed backhand. It’s easily removable.
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    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    LOL...the person from TW said exactly the opposite (see below). Stiff poly at low tensions caused the ping/vibration and higher tensions eliminated it.
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    WTB: Vantage or Angell or Volkl Pallets

    What size?