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  • Hi,
    I tried full bed in the PK q tour, and the Redondo 93.
    Too lively in the q tour. Still have it in the 93.
    Works well. Yes, is arm friendly.
    If i Feel my arm going it gets some use;)

    The Prince exo3 tour with gut mains and MCS crosses is just as friendly though.
    seems Bab Origin has a very slick coating that wears off very quickly, then goes gooey.
    Play testers on gave it 57/100 on spin!
    The search continues.
    I am on Poly crosses and it hits really well but not sure how long I can use it. I do feel it a bit afterwards.

    My best comfort hybrid was gut and MCS. But zero snap back and less spin of course.
    Next best and a bit more snapback was gut and Dunlop S-Gut (multifilament).

    Others have said to try Babolat Origin - It's quite pricey though.
    If my poly trials don't work out - I think I'll try that...

    Best regards,
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