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    Happy Hour at Tennis Warehouse!

    If you type something along the lines of "tennis warehouse Facebook happy hour" into Google, it should direct you to the sale page too. Once you find it, just bookmark it and setup a reminder in your calendar with the link in it so you can go directly there when it's time (1pm PST/4pm EST...
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    Kailua Oahu Hawaii June 24 ~ June 30

    hi guys, i'm traveling to Oahu and staying in Kailua from June 24-30th. I'm in the 3.5~4.0 range. Interested in matches, drills, singles, doubles, whatever is available. If you know of any good clinics/classes/lessons, please let me know! thanks!
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    3.5 looking to play in mountain view/san fran 4/15~4/19

    Hey, thanks for the tip about STC! I'll see if there are any clinics or drop in matches I can hop into during the days I'm at mountain view.
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    3.5 looking to play in mountain view/san fran 4/15~4/19

    Hi all, I'm a 3.5 looking to hit/play/drill while i'm tagging along with my wife on a work trip to Mountain View and SF during the week of April 15~19. I'll be in Mountain view from Mon through Weds and then SF from Weds til I leave Friday morning. Would love to play doubles, singles...
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    Pure Strike 100 2017

    Are these still available?
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    Sos sos!! how to avoid calluses on the fingers if playing everyday??

    I am the ghost of everyday tennis hands future, behoooooooold:
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    Wearing a camera at all times

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    Foot fault in league match -- captain's job?

    Your player(s) need to call foot fault, not spectators, or they can request a line judge to assist. That said, it would be a total pansy move and unless we're talking really blatant leap into the court pre-serve in order to gain an advantage in serve and volley, there is no practical harm...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Dunlop Srixon CX Racquets

    Got the official AO Dunlop balls they sent to the srixon testers a few days back. These balls are pretty awesome, the felt is super nice. I dunno if I'm just excited about free balls or what, but these are the nicest set of balls I've played with.
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    PapaProdigy vs. Ballbag (full match vid)

    you must have really wanted to beat your dad. i don't know if i could cold-**** drop shot and top spin lob my 60 year old dad with the bad shoulder and probably bad knee(s) with accompanying Hewitt-esque fist pump and "COME ONNNN". you have what it takes to be a cold blooded killer, OP and I...
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    My Rafa Hoodie I lost in Seattle is now on ****!

    i lost my RF jacket in chicago at laver cup. i was heart broken. i will never recover.
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    Practice vs Match

    i've been using matchplay/sets against weaker players for "grooving strokes" (sounds a little sexy), matches against more or less "even" players for pure competitive play practice, and sets against stronger players to work on defense and strategy. Sometimes, though, there is just nothing like...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Dunlop Srixon CX Racquets

    Racquet Received: Dunlop Srixon CX 200 16x19 String and tension used for test: I played with the string the racquet shipped with, which I think is the silk. I typically like a thinner string, but it plays well. I'm not sure what tension it is, but it feels a hair on the tight side of...
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    Two Handed Forehand-the Future of Tennis !!!

    I would pay actual non-monopoly money to watch a tournament of this guy, POMO guy, the 360 degree serve guy, and whoever else makes crazy outlandish claims about various ground breaking new techniques. and then maybe throw in a recently washed up ex-D1 player with a beer gut to test their...