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    Federer practice session (proto racket)

    Exactly! I'm tempted to go and "black out" one of my PSC 6.1's to see how it looks compared to Fed's... ughh!
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    The Man Code/Rules/Law

    This thread has been inspired by a post recently in the "Epic Fail" thread... a post was made containing a cartoon pic of men at a public urinal titled "Checkmate; Only Guys Will Understand". Some that saw the post responded with questions not sure exactly what was going on. But it was clear...
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    Best 'Epic Fail' or similar pics.

    it's a "Man RUle"... DO NOT stand next to a guy at the urinals (if and when there are other urinals to use). The goofy faced guy put the red guy in a uncompromising position.
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    Baghy breaks 4 racquets

    i enjoyed how he would look at the stick before he slams it.. like "hmm this looks to be good..wait a sec". Safin watch out!
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    Genesis Typhoon; Blue or Grey

    i have a customer (DivIII) that will only use the blue... he claims the grey is too stiff. I always felt the blue to be more elastic and not as precise as the grey. My $0.02
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    Cablevision to drop Tennis Channel in the middle of the US Open

    Finally! i saw it last night was jumping up and family thinks i'm crazy! :-?
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    Butt Cap Question

    Put a Prince Butt-cap on. (I used to do the opposite with my Yonex handles, i would put a Wilson butt-cap on them for more "flare" at the end of the handle)... Fischer butt-caps could work for you too. my $0.02
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    Slippery fingers?

    i usually wash up with that gritty orange soap...found in hardware stores... it takes the oil right off my hands. i play guitar too... every day, i do the same routine before i play. :)
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    Cablevision to drop Tennis Channel in the middle of the US Open

    u can cancel.. but it will cost u!!!
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    Cablevision to drop Tennis Channel in the middle of the US Open so frustrating....! Verizon FIOS subscriber.
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    My Paintings ( Nothing to do with tennis)

    enjoyed! thanks for sharing! the Crops 2010 pieces... are they all self-portraits?
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    Best Red Copoly?

    agreed.. PL II, though a very nice string, plays a little soft and control is so-so... plus when strung the color is closer to pink than red. i used PL II in an AK90 and loved it, maybe due the small head size and stiffness of the racquet. BA is a more consistent string. :) my $0.02
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    Best Red Copoly?

    Pro Supex Big Ace red, 1.22... i string that for this college player for years.
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    Pete's Blacked Out stick @ MSG

    did you any of this thread? oh well... thanks for the "at least" heads up... sheesh.
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    Injinji Tetra Soks... Toe Socks

    Has anyone tried these for tennis? Do they help prevent blisters? Are they comfortable? Which model works best? Thanks :)