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    Poly with long lasting playability

    Luxilon 4g, Kirschbaum Max Power, Hyper G, and confidential, isospeed cream. All pair well with gut mains also
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    How should I approach my shop about restringing a demo?

    You could always cut them out and say they broke. A lot of shops put a cheap poly main and syn gut cross from a reel in demos.
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    Alu Power vs. Alu Power Rough........ again

    I agree it’s stiffer and lower powered. And the overall feel is not quite as good especially compared to when alu is fresh. But I’m using it as a cross with natural gut mains so I don’t mind the lower power level. The tension maintenance is the key for me.
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    Alu Power vs. Alu Power Rough........ again

    IMO Rough has a slightly softer feel, slightly more spin, a slightly less consistent response, slightly more ball pocketing, more power, and a slightly higher launch angle which some may view as less control. You should try Kirschbaum Max Power. Feels about 90% as good as alu with far better...
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    high spin potential poly with the best control or consistent response

    Kirshbaum Max Power holds tension like 4g, feels similar to Alu power, and is on sale for around $7. It’s an absolute steal. Excellent control. Only knock is spin is pretty average or slightly above for a poly but still good.
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    Natural gut vs poly tension and my ideal tension

    Cyclone tour is powerful and loses tension fast. Try a poly that holds tension like 4g, max power, ice code, hyper g, or confidential. Or better yet pair gut mains with a poly cross at 3lbs less than main tension.
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    Federer Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Too Heavy?

    The swingweight on the rf97 seems to come in at 330-335 depending on spec. Most 4.0 and above have no issues swinging this. It’s super head light. The frame is a bit thicker and not the most aerodynamic, but stronger 4.0 and above can certainly make use of it.
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    Alternative to VS

    In carry two frames with gut mains/ poly cross and a third frame with full poly for wet conditions. Same poly as the hybrid. Nothing subs for natural gut very well so I just go full poly for the “spare” frame.
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    Which Is The Best OverGrip?

    Solinco heaven grip!
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    Will Rublev ever win a title above ATP 500?

    He needs to add some variety. And work on his net game.
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    String type and tension on RF97

    Try 15L gauge gut instead of 16. Babolat Touch Tonic Ball Feel.
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    String type and tension on RF97

    OP try a poly cross that actually holds tension. ALU Rough is among the worst for tension loss. Good options include Babolat RPM team, Kirschbaum Max Power and Max Power Rough, and Technifiber Ice Code. Max power is pre stretched from the factory. Max power rough plays pretty simular to ALU rough.
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    String type and tension on RF97

    OP did you string 59/56 on an electric machine or manual? Also, try a 10% pre stretch on the gut mains to reduce the initial power a bit and give a more consistent feel. Or a manual pre-stretch.
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    String type and tension on RF97

    After 4 years playing with the rf97, it’s clear that the frame was designed around gut mains. I like tonic ball feel gut with alu rough at 56.3/ 53. Kirschbaum max power rough is a good substitute with far better tension stability and lasting control. The rough texture adds a little bit more...
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    Nike Court Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2021

    Just tried my vapor pros last night. Inferior to the vapor 9.5 for me. A bit wider in the forefoot, less customizable fit, and not as low to the ground or speedy feeling. They are impressively light and a bit more cushioned than a vapor 9.5 though. But they don’t feel as fast. I can’t customize...