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    The Miracle 'Have It All' Poly - Does It Exist??

    Prince Beast. Sadly it looks like they discontinued it.
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    Least Friendly Player on Tour?

    They have the right because they buy tickets to watch you and buy your merchandise. That buys the right to at least the tiniest bit of attention that the fan will always remember. Small price to pay. Now, if the same guy wants 25 things signed so he can sell them on e-bay, that's a little...
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    Surfs Up !!! shark attack

    There is a LOT of ocean, and relatively few Great White sharks. No reason for them to aimlessly swim around SF Bay hoping to run into food when the Farralones and guaranteed seal buffets are close by. I've surfed San Francisco for 15 years and never saw a shark. Not to say they haven't seen ME.
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    "Roger Federer has aged more gracefully than anyone should"

    1:04 is the closest, but the tweener lob at 2:30 is masterclass.
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    Am I the only person that likes kyrgios

    Agree. I LOVE Nick's go for broke approach to the game and outsized personality. The era of all this sportsmanship is nice, but pretty boring for the game. And I think the defensive minded players are boring as well. A Djoker-Murray match is horrible to watch IMO. Much prefer Kygrios...
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    Why do pros hit lightly at practice?

    For example, Federer: When they play, obviously they are hitting the ball a lot harder. What does this do for them?
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    Most neglected area of a rec player's game, imo

    Had the chance to see some video of myself, and that's really what stood out, was my lack of dynamic footwork. It takes a lot out of you, so I'm conserving energy, but then also trying to hit really tough, ATP-like shots. You just can't execute on it without great footwork.
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    How people turn pro at the age of 30s and 40s ?

    You need to start at the USTA level playing tournaments. If you can win consistently at the Open level, you can start trying ITF, Futures and qualifying rounds. When first starting out playing ITF Pro Circuit tournaments it is advised to enter lower level events first (i.e. $10,000 prize money...
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    Any idea why women rarely hit the slice backhand?

    Her name escapes me, but there's that Romanian player I saw play last year with slices on both FH and BH. I think adding some slice to the game would be great to see and mess opponents up.
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    Nick Kyrios - Fan for his on court behavior

    I think that Sir Nick has the same problem that Serena Williams has...wrong color and temperament for the sport. We prefer our champions to look and act like they stepped out of a James Bond film (Federer) or a Bond Girl (Sharapova, Bouchard etc). We'll make exceptions for the McEnroes and...
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    What the hell happened to Ryan Harrison?

    We had 6 pages of this thread explaining what's wrong with him. Were you unable to read it?
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    Kyrgios, coach split article. Kid is too annoying

    Nick is one of the most exciting players on tour, the guy. When he's playing, I have to watch. Big, big game, lots of personality. And probably really annoying to the country club types who hate people like Serena Williams, who doesn't conform to the country club "look" or personality...
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    Help! My new poly setup gave me tennis elbow

    I had BigHitter at 53 gauge and broke 3 strings in 2 days. Crazy. I may go with a gut hybrid unless I can find a string that doesn't break so fast. I'm a big hitting 4.5 with lots of spin.
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    How long can you hold the plank for?

    I usually do 2 sets of 1 minute each, never tried to hold it for as long as possible though. Could that cause an ab strain if I did try to hold it as long as possible? I once strained my abs by overdoing the pull up/swing legs technique and dang that hurt for like 6 weeks.