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    If AO stays on Grass...

    Nobody can know because australian grass was very different from england grass. Wilander and Vilas won majors on australian grass, and never reached SF in Wimbledon. In Australia, they beated very good grass players (and even Wilander heated McEnroe, and Vilas beated Nastase and Borg).
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    Check out these old greats on vid

    at 4'57, the tweener (Gran Willly) invented by Vilas.
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    Was Stich the Weakest Year End #2 Ever?

    Vilas was number one in 1975. Even if ATP doesn't recognize that fact.
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    Marcelo Rios: The First South American No. 1

    It's true. But Rios doesn't represent anything in tennis history. Just one Grand Slam final, badly lost ...
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    Marcelo Rios: The First South American No. 1

    It makes no sense. It's a fake. The real first south american n°1 is Vilas, even if ATP refuses to recognize that fact.
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    Alarming deficiency of druck: Bjorn Borg's bizarre return to tennis in 1991

    True ! Volkov heated Borg and Vilas after saving match points. Not bad on a resume ...
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    Alarming deficiency of druck: Bjorn Borg's bizarre return to tennis in 1991

    It was a great pleasure to see Borg again. It's Vilas, not Borg, who had match points against Volkov (top 20) in 1992. Vilas did a come back too, but contrary to Borg, he won a few matches ...
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    When was the tweener invented? Who invented it?

    Vilas was the inventor. And also the inventor of the backhand smash. Great Willy ...
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    Fantastic ! 1 Grand Slam winner (the great Orantes), and 3 great players. Pfister had a great serve. He lost 3 times in SF in Australian Open.
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    The Vilas #1 Debate Continues...

    Puppy's work has not been published but he worked several years about that and his study is hundred of pages and has not been refuted by the ATP, who only says like a robot "history is not rewritten" (absurd answer, because it's not the problem). So I think the proof is real.
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    The Vilas #1 Debate Continues...

    No player has a problem except Vilas ... All player who have been number one have been officially recognized number one ... except Vilas. Its the greatest injustice in sport.
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    The Vilas #1 Debate Continues...

    I think that the main reason is that a big institution always has trouble recognizing possible mistakes ... And maybe they're afraid of other similar complaints (afraid to work ....). But it's ridiculous because Vilas was the only number one not recognized.
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    The Vilas #1 Debate Continues...

    I don't think so. They don't take anything to Connors. It doesn't change anything for Connors. It concerns weeks when the ranking has not been published.
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    The Vilas #1 Debate Continues...

    They don't have to take weeks away from Connors. It's proved that Vilas was number one a few weeks but the ranking has just not been published. There is nothing to take away from anyone, there is just to give Vilas what it deserves