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    Tennis shoe with most cushioning

    Those are the best shoes that I ever had.

    One Hand backhand footwork

    Thank you for posting this, that guy has a lot of good stuff on you tube.

    One Hand backhand footwork

    Good point, I have the tendency to go full speed all the time. I will try and slow things down and get the footwork correct and then speed up. Thank you

    One Hand backhand footwork

    I struggle with my footwork on the backhand side. Do you all know of any good videos of drills to help my footwork on the one hander.

    How many balls you use for doubles?

    I agree four people warming up with three balls is terrible.

    What do you all pay to reserve public courts for leagues and tournaments?

    Our local Parks Department is charging us what I consider outrageous prices to have our tournament and WTT league. I was wondering what you all pay.

    Fasteners for wind screens

    Since our Parks Department will not do it , we are in the process of replacing the broken fasteners on our wind screens. Have any of you done this, and if so what did you use for fasteners and how did they hold up.

    Do Basketball or Soccer Balls damage a court surface?

    Tennis courts should be for tennis, period. I am sure that the kids have access to soccer fields and basketball courts. If these other activities are allowed on the courts, you will not have decent place to play tennis. Trust me I have seen it in my hometown.

    For single backhand, What is your ready grip, when receiving serve and during rallies?

    I just recently have been trying the same thing at seems to be working, so far.
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    Music Game

    in GOD's country----U2
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    Music Game

    NEVER comes the day_____The Moody Blues
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    Does anyone share this pet peeve?

    I completely agree, you cannot have to many tennis friends to have the opportunity to play with.
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    Does anyone share this pet peeve?

    I just do not see the big deal,just take the balls off the bench and put them in your pocket and then grab your water and towel.