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    Tension with flying clamps

    That's ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. You have 40 pounds of pressure, not 80.
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    string abrasion with hybriding multi and poly

    First off...blending polys with multis is not the best idea. They make a poor marriage. The multi does not provide enough support to allow the poly to reach optimal performance. The poly chews through the multi making durability unacceptable to everyone EXCEPT for the string companies that...
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    Agree or disagree on floating clamps

    I prefer flying clamps over fixed clamps. For me, they fit my style of stringing and I can generate the consistent results that I desire with them. I currently use the Stringway double and triple and feel they give me the complete technical control I desire throughout the stringing process...
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    Using Cross Stringing Tool

    Times are similar. For us, it probably adds a couple of minutes...definitely not more than 5. The main reason we use it is because it makes stringing sharp shaped polys less harsh on fingertips and we also like it on sticky multis as it reduces the friction and we can pull through a little...
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    Using Cross Stringing Tool

    We do not use DT, because frequency measurements have a set of issues that make them something we find not so useful, but that is another story for another day. The RDC stringbed stiffness for the Radical strung using normal method was 65. The applied set tension was 62 on both frames. The...
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    Using Cross Stringing Tool

    Strung two Head YouTek Radicals this past Wednesday. One regular method, no tool. One using the tool with open channels for tensioning. I measured the frames and there was zero distortion. I did have distortion on a demo frame, but the RA on that frame was only 40...yes was a...
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    Using Cross Stringing Tool

    I have used and am testing/measuring this tool. I am finding when tensioning with channel open, the overall tension increases by approximately 3% - 5%. This result surprised me as I was convinced it would be significantly higher. However, I only did this to test. I prefer to use the tool with...
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    My Review of a New Cross Stringing Tool

    Chotobaka - I would beg to differ with you. It is definitely NOT junk. Yes, it is different, but I personally am finding it more enjoyable to use than the SW Cross Stringing tool, which I think can also be useful in a variety of contexts. I'd be curious to know if you have tried it? I...
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    any cheaper alternatives to Stringway floating clamps

    Currently the Stringway flying clamps are the best on the market. There is a new brand coming soon that may be slightly less expensive. If you are patient I would not be shocked to see them in production and released in 2018.
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    What is the Jet Method

    The JET Method was originally conceived and designed for the Stringway stringer with flying clamps. The blog post was explaining how to use the JET method if you are using fixed clamps on an electronic constant pull machine since this is a far more common setup for professional stringers.
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    Weiss Cannon new string " Blue rock & power "

    The Blue Rock 'N Power is not available in USA. It is currently undergoing revisions before it will be re-released in some form. Currently there is no projected timeline. The revised version will need to be playtested before it is brought into the USA.
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    Weiss Cannon New Strings

    Higher level players with faster swing speeds will get significant spin production from Ultra Cable, but slower swing speeds will not realize the full spin potential of the sharp profiled square pattern. The B5E structure/profile offers easier access to its full spin potential for a variety of...
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    Stringing Theory

    We make extensive use of proportional stringing so the statement that no one uses it is a myth. Properly installed, it is highly effective and we have multiple customers who benefit from it. In terms of strings equalizing over time, that is also a myth. The friction from grommets keeps them...
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    Weiss Cannon New Strings

    Like most square profiled strings, the diameter is measured from side to side, however, the diameter from diagonal to diagonal is larger which is why it feels thicker than a round 17ga string.
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    New Laserfibre strings?!

    I used and loved LF strings. Each string they produced was outstanding. I know for a fact their strings were unique and performed at a high level. I also believe at least some were laser treated because I was purchasing in special packaging, ie 330' reels. From time to time I would find spots...