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    Cross tension always reads a lot lower

    To directly respond to the OP. If stringing at same tension it is perfectly normal for the String Meter to show a difference of approx 30% between the mains and crosses.
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    New Pro String Flying Clamps

    Flying clamps are definitely much less than ideal for fan patterns.
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    Pre-stretching poly strings

    Gladly. Kirshbaum strings are manufactured by a manufacturer based in Germany not by Kirshbaum themselves. This manufacturer actually understands poly based strings and it is highly unlikely they are "prestretched" using any traditional definition. There of course can be some stretching in the...
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    Pre-stretching poly strings

    Do not prestretch poly based strings. Bad idea. They have very limited elasticity and you must do all in your power to preserve this. Prestretching will destroy the elasticity and the string will not perform as designed. Do not prestretch. Pull slowly. Keep tension low.
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    Natural Gut Wholesale-pro V5+

    A customer brought a set of this stuff (V5+) to string. Never heard of it before. Pulled up this thread to get some info.
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    String weavers

    I'm curious if the those in this thread who are critical of the product have ever used it? If not, then respectfully they are simply incapable of understanding how it works or the advantages it provides. IMO it would be wiser for them to avoid making patently false claims about a product of...
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    String weavers

    Virtually everything said in this comment related to the performance of string weaver tools is inaccurate. I'm a professional stringer...I use them. They are helpful and useful, though many posting here apparently aren't bright enough to know how to use them properly and are not open to the idea...
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    String weavers

    I'm a professional stringer...20+ yrs. I use my String Weavers frequently...not on all racquets but approx 50%. They are useful and definitely not just for beginners. Really good for natural gut, sticky multis, stiff strings andvtextured polys.
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    Pro Stringer Platinum 2.0 - any reason not to get??

    SW Clamps are good, but definitely not better.
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    Improving tension maintenance of main, with a cross

    Disagree. Prestretching poly is a huge no no. It will kill the string and accelerate tension loss. To increase life of poly mains make sure crosses are installed approx 4 lbs tighter.
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    Tension with flying clamps

    That's ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. You have 40 pounds of pressure, not 80.
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    string abrasion with hybriding multi and poly

    First off...blending polys with multis is not the best idea. They make a poor marriage. The multi does not provide enough support to allow the poly to reach optimal performance. The poly chews through the multi making durability unacceptable to everyone EXCEPT for the string companies that...
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    Agree or disagree on floating clamps

    I prefer flying clamps over fixed clamps. For me, they fit my style of stringing and I can generate the consistent results that I desire with them. I currently use the Stringway double and triple and feel they give me the complete technical control I desire throughout the stringing process...