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    Ohio State Tennis

    which coach (s) is/are better then Tucker?
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    Ohio State Tennis

    good points, I'll counter by saying if Harbaugh has the same results as Tucker over the next 15 years he won't get fired either, in fact he'll get some serious raises and bonuses
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    Who does those NCAA assistant coach jobs?

    Oh ok, also guys who want to get into college coaching, are young and have to start somewhere, college coaching is tough to get into now
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    Recruits and transfers

    Jenson Brooksby wins 2 25k Futures crushing top 10 college guys. I love college tennis but at 390 ATP he's wasting his time going to school if he wants to be a pro. If he wants a college education, the experience and some fun fine but nothing good can happen for his tennis, look at Nakashima.
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    Stanford Men

    When was the last time Standford produced a singles player inside the top 250 ATP?
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    Ohio State Tennis

    No way Tucker should be fired or close to it, he's done an amazing job......the fact he's done it with Ohio kids is irrelevant, I doubt the AD cares where the kids are from if they win
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    Who does those NCAA assistant coach jobs?

    Generally ex ATP pro's or ex top college players, I think the $80,000 salary plus benefits, car, bonuses, summer camp, etc is a pretty good deal for an assistant coach at a BCS schools
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    USC Men's Head Coach Peter Smith Resigns

    not the flashiest hire but kind of the way USC is trending with their hires
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    Recent College Players That Turned Pro

    Tough loss for JJ yesterday, going to take him a while to get used to full time outdoor tennis again
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    Stanford Men

    I remember you predicting Stanford will win NCAA's every year and how's that panned out?
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    Stanford Men

    Saw Fawcett won a match at a futures, if he has another year of eligibility the trees could make quaretfinals of NCAAs next year
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    UGA Men's Tennis

    saw dogs had a recruit make the french open, should help for another first or second round NCAA finish
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    SEC Tennis

    just depends on LTA, if they support him hes gone
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    Alabama men's tennis

    odd choice, perhaps new clemson coach was making scheduling decisions?
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    Clemson Tiger tennis

    Wait and see for sure, not like losing first round of NCAA's as an assistant coach at Bama shouts amazing hire