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    If you could only either slice or play topspin on your BH for the rest of your life

    Am I getting wawrinka or stitch topspin backhand or ken rosewall slice ?
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    Most Energy-Efficient Racket You've Ever Used?? (amount of damage per amount of effort)

    The pure drive Roddick +’s were an easy hit. For me the first generation steam 105’s we’re almost cheating when hitting, but for some reason the liquidmetal instinct could just crush a ball with almost nothing put into it
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    Cleanest-Hitting Rackets You've Ever Used??

    Pro staff 85 st Vincent w/years old sensation. First time I felt like I could carve a serve. Prince to warrior 97 the most control I've ever felt over finesse volleys and dropshots. Head Agassi limited, I know it's stereotypical but I could really shorten my backswing and aggressively go after...
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    Fav horror movie ???

    It's ok gold, I like my list. I forgot about the 82 the thing. Loved that movie. Alien was good and event horizon was awesome. I'm a little less on the sci-fi horror than you guys
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    Fav horror movie ???

    So so many. Will give a short list 1 hereditary 2 the exorcist 3 halloween 4 jacob's ladder 5 the remake of the evil dead 6 28 days later 7 it follows 8 hard candy 9 the mist 10 insidious 11 sinister
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    Most Popular Racquet Used y TW members

    I voted for pog because most of my pog bretheren are too busy on the courts being basic no frills tw members who value playtime more than post time. Meant pure as an assessment not an offense
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    Men Only: Who has their ears pierced?

    I didn't get mine pierced per say but on a Boy Scout summer camp trip at brownsea Maryland on the Chesapeake my friend josh accidentally chopped the tip of my left ear off with a canoe paddle
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    Lowest/ Highest String Tension?

    70 lbs with a pog oversize and those terrible head tsi gray oversized fly swatted. I broke 2 or 3 of them in high school at the throats. Lowest 30 lbs in a vs pure aero and a yonex rdis 90. I might try a diablo mid with Alu power rough at that tension
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    What level is this guy?

    It's courier again. I'm getting so good at these guessing games
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    Am I a 5.0? (asking for a friend)

    Come on, that's courier
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    Favorite radical?

    I'm gonna fly solo here and say microgel radical pro. very comfortable, stable tweener with good spin production and stability. it feels like what the prince graphite 100 should have been. if they made the radical pro in a longbody I'd have been in heaven. 12 ounces. 100 head, 20 mm straight...