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    Lowest/ Highest String Tension?

    70 lbs with a pog oversize and those terrible head tsi gray oversized fly swatted. I broke 2 or 3 of them in high school at the throats. Lowest 30 lbs in a vs pure aero and a yonex rdis 90. I might try a diablo mid with Alu power rough at that tension
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    What level is this guy?

    It's courier again. I'm getting so good at these guessing games
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    Am I a 5.0? (asking for a friend)

    Come on, that's courier
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    Favorite radical?

    I'm gonna fly solo here and say microgel radical pro. very comfortable, stable tweener with good spin production and stability. it feels like what the prince graphite 100 should have been. if they made the radical pro in a longbody I'd have been in heaven. 12 ounces. 100 head, 20 mm straight...
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    What is/was your Most Favorite String Ever?

    Wilson's kgut was amazing for people who liked poly but wanted a gummer softer string that held the ball kind of like isospeed classic with better spin and better directional control . always wanted to try a set of fibertour ace in a diablo mp like malisse
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    Top 10 Sampras career rivals?

    Michael stich ...
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    Best 'feel' racquets?

    although it had a lighter than I'd prefer swingweight, the gamma g325 was amazing with touch shouts. 95 head. about 12 ounces strung. 60 flex thin 19mm beam. very nice stick
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    WTB po7

    I have one in 3/8ths if you're interested. It had silicon injected into the handle which I removed as best as possible. Email me if interested. Thanks
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    Clash Tour

    I have one in 3/8th grip strung with luxilon element. Email me if you're interested. Thanks
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    WANTED: Prince Turbo Shark MP

    I have a bunch in 4 3/8ths grip for sale if you're interested. My email is thanks
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    Is The ITF Service Rule Changing Youth Tennis?

    i lost a college tiebreaker to a serve let and a let cord passing shot consecutively. devastating because it was the best match I've ever played against a superior player. my closest brad gilbert level ever. guy was standup dude, clearly apologetic the match ended that way. I look back proudly...
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    TW needs to push a reissue of the Prince Classic Graphite 100 Longbody

    I have 2 of them in 4 1/4 if you're still looking in great condition
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    Tennis Instructors North New Jersey

    If you can locate bill wing, he was up around Clifton nj and worked with Montclair and Glenn ridge, solid guy.
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    Looking to replace my beloved Prince Tour Diablo Midplus

    What's your grip size for the diablo mp?