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    Avoiding Crossovers on shared hole raquets

    This was strung 1p ATW. But the same exact thing happened in the same spot on the one I strung 2p before this one.
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    Avoiding Crossovers on shared hole raquets

    Thanks @am1899 & @esgee48. That was easier than I expected. I thought Irvin might weigh in with something unexpected. It's still early! (No insult intended).
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    Avoiding Crossovers on shared hole raquets

    Are there any tips or tricks for avoiding crossovers on the outside of frames where there are shared holes between mains and crosses? As an example, here is a photo of a Head Speed Pro (18x20) that has shared holes. I try to align the string into the bottom channels of the shared pairs, but I...
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    Does this string job look correct?

    That knot at the head (an ugly starting knot) with the tail running parallel to the main string is horrific!
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    What is/was your Most Favorite String Ever?

    Babolat Defiance 16g white. It was a really inexpensive and slick synthetic gut and I loved it. Wish I could find something comparable to it today!
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    Eagnas Flex 940 Tensioner Clarification

    I guess now is as good a time as any for him to make the acquaintance of Victor....
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    Wilson Baiardo first thoughts

    I think you could probably get it far South of that price... probably $2400-$2500.
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    Wilson Baiardo Pulling Speed Recommendation

    100% for me except 50% for polys.
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    Stringing Techniques/Machines Sticky [Consolidated]

    Just for the heck of it, I clicked on the links in the original post. None of them are working. FYI.
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    Lendl- Clear

    Note the central mains and crosses appear to be grommetless.
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    Wilson Baiardo first thoughts

    Darn it! I’d have made you an offer on that Ghost a couple years ago... if I hadn’t bought a Baiardo!!!!
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    Help me find my next reel of poly

    I agree with an earlier sentiment. Those strokes don’t warrant poly. You want a stiff string bed in that 18x20? Try a 16g synthetic gut at 65 pounds. Or a hybrid with with 16g syngut mains and 17g poly in the crosses.
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    Calling on Baiardo owners

    This is how I adjust my Baiardo clamps.
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    More talented: Sampras or Mcenroe?

    Sampras was the better athlete, but McEnroe had better hands and talent. I also think McEnroe had the better tennis I.Q., but Sampras was able to compensate due to his size and athletic ability. Serve: Sampras Return: McEnroe due to his success in doubles Volley: McEnroe Overhead: Sampras...