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    Stanford Men

    Maybe Stanford didn't offer them a spot?
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    UTR Questions

    I'll go out on a limb to say this is most likely true. If they select a strong major (i.e. STEM related major), they probably have the smarts to earn a good GPA.
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    D3 tennis

    Kenyon's incoming class profile... SAT Middle 50% of Critical Reading 630-730 Middle 50% of Math 610-690 Middle 50% of Writing 620-720 Middle 50% of Combined 1860-2140 ACT Middle 50% 28-32
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    D3 tennis

    Doubt it... it's a different crowd. Those guys wouldn't have the academics to get in or survive at top d3 schools.
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    Division II vs. Division III tennis

    I mean, why does it even matter? D2 or D3 players aren't going pro anyways. So wouldn't the goal be to find a place with better academics, which is D3? If someone chooses D3, I would think the logic is to get into the best academic school that they can within D3 , rather than the...
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    Top recruit class of 2016

    wow... better recruiting class than Duke if that's the case.
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    Top recruit class of 2016

    What happened to this kid?
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    Deiton Baughman

    ... in the pro forum.
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    Are full rides likely?

    Great post, great advice ^^^^^^
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    This is my video. How can I find coaches' email?

    Also, it would be very helpful to put your GPA and SAT/ACT scores in the beginning.
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    University of Houston women's Patrick Sullivan gone

    Recruiting in college tennis is very overrated, especially at the A&M level. It's mostly not who they want, but more of who is willing to go.
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    Stanford Men

    Against Giron... he's a goner.
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    Top recruit class of 2016

    Yes, no point wasting time in college.
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    PAC-12 OJAI tennis championships--Stanford #1 seed

    Why not? Maybe a couple of teams should be ranked ahead of them. But realistically, not many from 16 on down can beat them.
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    Balancing tennis and academics in high school

    Just wondering what your basis is. Is she currently a high Blue Chip?