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    Natural gut maintenance

    Just use it and if it gets wet, dry off with towel sprinkle baby powder in racquet case and that's it. Years ago there was a product called gut life. Stuff was terrible, made the strings stiff and turned them yellow. The string is meant to be used and no string lasts forever if used..Apply...
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    NXT-like multi but cheaper?

    I had a couple players that hit with nxt and asked for cheaper alternative. I used Wilson Sensation as I keep that multi in stock, and both liked it.Just a thought.
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    Reel vs Set

    If you take a racquet like a Head Radical OS with 18 main strings, it's normally 21 feet for mains.
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    Reel vs Set

    I agree with @Irvin . This is why manufacturer sets are typically 40 feet.Like he said, let the stringer cut from the reel or give him 40 feet.
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    What is/was your Most Favorite String Ever?

    I agree with @Steve Huff. Victor Imperial was a great string. Used it and strung it for a good number of players back in the day. I still hit with Nat. Gut . Use both Luxilon gut and Klip uncoated present.
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    Missed weave will affect the snap back of the string.

    What is the purpose of this post, as a missed weave is illegal and if you did have a missed weave, it should be restrung. .
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    Is a starting clamp really better than a starting knot?

    Just what is" the popular starting knot" in your opinion? The post above, #135 you posted a picture of the so called Parnell Knot. That knot is one of the most popular finishing knots. I just don't want others on these boards , especially new stringers, to be confused about your posts on what...
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    Need a Couple Stringing Patterns

    There was an article on the USRSA monthly magazine a few years back that said all Head performance racquets be strung 2piece only. That warranty would be void if not followed. I typically follow the patterns in the USRSA digest as they specify if 1 or 2 piece allowed by listing of pattern. I...
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    String breaking at grommet - stringer's fault or bad string?

    @Stevel is right , go for new grommets and get extras as manufacturer only has them available for so long before they are discontinued.
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    Why do people string using 2 piece?

    That's a hairy situation for sure.
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    How to string old wooden racquets?

    If you posted this in the stringing section you would have received a faster response. I started stringing in 1968. Most jobs were wooden back then, along with the T 2000's General wooden pattern: Pattern: 18 × 20 Tension range: 45-60 Start mains @: H Tie off mains @: 6T Mains skip: 9T Start...
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    Is a starting clamp really better than a starting knot?

    I agree. Lots of luck convincing him it is that bad to do. After all he has strung 2 racquets with gut with that awful technique.
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    Why do people string using 2 piece?

    I have an Alaskan Malamute that's over 150 lbs. I know what a shedding fur dog can do, especially when it's shedding season, but he does shed all year long .Nice to hear that others have fur all around as well. Nice picture of your furry friends. Most dogs are better than most people I know.
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    What to do about shovelers?

    How about at next string job, just place a small section of head guard tape on the very end where the stuff packs in, as a roll of tape is cheap, and just maybe once they see it in place and it keeps the debris out, just maybe they will get some and put it in place themselves.
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    Is a starting clamp really better than a starting knot?

    @TimeToPlaySets You are not exactly clear on your post. If you mean that you cinch up the knot end tag with the tension of your machine, then that's a big no no. You will just add stress to the string , as you can only cinch it up do tight. I just use my fingers to cinch, but then I do not use a...