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    Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving

    Must be a rebranded gut
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    Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving

    Did you use natural gut, or would that snap due to humidity?
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    Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving

    I had a couple new racquets dropped off late last night. Strung them up this morning, as have 3 telemedicine visits tomorrow for brother , so spent early today stringing to get them done.
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    Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving

    Just want to wish everyone here a safe and happy Thanksgiving.
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    Insole bunching up

    If that happened to me I would get a new pair of insoles for the shoes.
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    Is hurting my toe running for a dropshot a sign of a shoe that doesn't fit properly?

    I lost a toe nail on my big toe with that problem. I thought the issue would get better, but just got worse over time. I ended up pitching them out, sad. Some shoes fit different than others. You just have to find the right shoe and stick with it once you find the right one. Biggest issue with...
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    My New - Old Stringing Machine

    If you go to tennis machines dot com and got to the about tab, they commented that Edmund Serrano invented the Serrano machine in 1934.
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    Where can I get these part for an Eagnas machine?

    Be glad they will send you the parts and be done with it. You are fortunate they have the parts available. You could have been looking at getting another machine, but lucky parts available. Example take someone with a Babolat Star 5 ,or Babolat Sensor, if electronic board failed, no service...
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    Gamma 6004 Stock Issues

    The base clamps on the 6004 alone makes it worth while. Base clamp difference makes a big difference between the two machines. Give it some time, and go for the better machine, you will not regret getting the best machine you can get.
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    My New - Old Stringing Machine
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    My New - Old Stringing Machine

    The Serrano early models were made in the early 1930's . Mine is a very early model, but still pulls very accurate. They are what you would call an automatic drop weight as bar does not need to be level. Just step on peddle, the tension clamp moves to racquet, clamp , release peddle and clamp...
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    My New - Old Stringing Machine

    The original posters Oliver machine, as well as my old Serrano, those drop weight machines do not need to keep the bar level, as it just pulls to reference and keeps it there.
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    Opening up the Baiardo

    300 for the motor. I remember a few months ago someone posted that they replaced a motor for their Babolat machine, and was told to use a windshield wiper motor, and said it replaced it perfect. I wonder if motors would be the same across different brands as most likely not many suppliers of...
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    Starting crosses

    I prefer the jim e method as well. Has worked for me for years, and you can tie off the top cross right in the beginning.
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    Expiration date for strings

    Steve is correct. As long as string is stored property. I have had same experience as Steve mentioned.