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    Rome 2019 3R: Fred vs Bore

    The crowd support is more insane than usual for Fed today!!??
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    2019 Mutua Madrid Open - Men's Singles Discussion

    Gasquet -> Goffin or Monfils -> Thiem -> Djokovic -> Nadal ... for your first clay tournament in years. lol
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    It's crazy to think that Fognini/Lajovic will have an MC title and Federer won't

    That’s how statistics work. You’re talking about the probability that ANY one of 100 players winning ANY one of 10 titles, vs the probability of ONE specific player winning ALL the titles in question. It’s not crazy at all. The fact that you think it’s crazy is a testament to the big 3’s...
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    None of the Young Players Have Reached This Level Yet

    Jesus Christ... I'm a Fed fanboy, but nothing beats a Nadal-Djokovic duel when it comes to high-level tennis entertainment. Insane rallies.
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    Federer's most dominant wins

    Surprisingly, Miami makes 4 appearances in the top 15 of his 1500 match career. Unsurprisingly, Isner and Karlovic top the list.
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    Year 2059.....

    I'll give you some credit... ...That's actually some really good photoshopping.
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    Miami 2019 SF: Roger Federer vs Denis Shapovalov

    Shapo will work his way out of this. Obviously just built up expectations on playing the goat. The second set will be very competitive.
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    [Q] Felix vs. Big John [7]

    I guess it's a rite of passage for any good player to lose to Isner and feel like "wtf, I'm such a better player than this guy. He just won because of his serve" Might as well get it out of the way early!
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    [Q] Felix vs. Big John [7]

    When players DF this much you can usually see the nerves throughout their game. His groundstrokes seem completely unaffected for some reason.
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    [Q] Felix vs. Big John [7]

    Weird time to get nervous, no? Not a deciding set, not a tie-breaker. He seemed confident going into that game. It happens I guess. Let's see how/if he recovers.
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    2019 ATP Miami - QF: GOAT vs Big Kevin

    The commentators did a good jinx job by mentioning: 1) Fed has never lost after bageling anyone in the 1st 2) Anderson has never won a match where he's been bagel-ed. Please no Wimbledon repeat.
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    2019 ATP Miami - QF: GOAT vs Big Kevin

    Will be interesting to see the DR (Dominance Ratio) of this match if it keeps going this way.
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    2019 ATP Miami - QF: GOAT vs Big Kevin

    wait. did you guys see Fed smile through that point at the net? I guess I'd be smiling too if I had reflexes like that, lol.
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    2019 ATP Miami - QF: GOAT vs Big Kevin

    holy reflexes!!!!!!!!!!
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    Felix Auger Aliassime

    I'm sure it's a statistical anomaly, but it's a nice little booster nonetheless. Let's see if he can go 6-0 tomorrow.