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    (Henman/Suzuki) vs Fed - what happened?

    Haven't seen all the match by any means but what I have seen showed Henman serving to the Fed b/h more often, but Fed was not chipping the return as he normally does, he was playing a blocked return with more pace and unsettling Henman early in exchanges if he was coming to the net. The big...
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    Cool Fed Pic

    W2004 - he does use string savers but not in the shape of a 'w' which is how they'd need to be to cast a 'w' shadow. He uses them across 4-5 cross strings through the middle 6-7 main strings, give or take. I'll go with the gut explanation for now and try it on mine and see if it works. I'll let...
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    John McEnroe the most fun player to watch ever!

    ... and five sets in the W final a couple of years before that if I recall correctly. For sure not Jimbo's best but I'm not sure it would have mattered who was the other side that day, or maybe my rose tinted glasses need a clean? Would love to see stats if anyone has them. For a not so...
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    Cool Fed Pic

    There may be but I'm probably the worst person to ask about that sort of thing. I've just picked it up on some of the tv here in Asia this morning.
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    Cool Fed Pic

    Thanks hummer, that makes sense at least. I thought that it was just another impossible thing that Federer can do on a tennis court. Seen some highlights from the Henman final and if Tim reckons he's in form playing some decent stuff on a fast court, then I hate to think what Fed will do next...
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    Cool Fed Pic

    Is it my imagination or can you see the W string stencil in the shadow on the ground ... is that even possible?
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    John McEnroe the most fun player to watch ever!

    Jimbo probably still trying to get a little back for his Wimbledon final smackdown at the hands of Mac! I always go to that match when I want to think how gifted Mac was and imagine how dominant he could have been if his head had been screwed on even just a little straighter. Talent and purpose...
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    Federer announced he will play Madrid MS

    Be the ball Danny, be the ball ....
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    how was hewitt on top for so long?

    Very fair summary. He never packed enough heat as has been mentioned before and that's caught up with him in today's game. He'll still be dangerous but that run in the majors losing to the eventual winner sorta proves that he'll be consistent enough for a while yet to take you out if you're not...
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    Sampras + Agassi = Federer

    Nice post. I think I agree, I'm still workng the mechanics out in my head! So refreshing to read something that adds to your understanding of the game rather than the endless prattle of "U shut up Nadal Hater" .. "No you shut up Fed Hater, I told you first" stuff. I am always surprised, and...
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    Anyone else notice Andy Murray puts no wrist on the forehand?

    In a few stills I've seen of him he reminds me of McEnroe in his set up on the forehand at times - very straight arm and looking to hit with the shoulder. Supposedly his change of pace is something that disrupts opponents and it may be that he does get some snap into the shot, just not all the time.
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    is roddick's serve easy to read?

    Superman did you read the serve stats for the season YTD earlier ... you'd have hard time saying Fed has an above average serve when he's 4th and 1st in % first and second serve points won ... it doesn't get much better than that. Roddick at 2nd and 4th respectively on the same stats is arguably...
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    Federer's Headsize

    Thanks BP - haven't been about as much as I used to. Asian n90 going very well indeed and the 6.095s haven't had an airing for a while now. Might have to get my hands on a US version someday and see if I like the little extra weight ... no rush though! The Japanese version is a real tease -...
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    Nike Air Oscillate now at TW

    Does anyone else find it a bit wierd that the Pros have been wearing Oscillates selectively until just a couple of months ago but all seem to have been moved to Breathe IIs ... and now they become available to the public once more? Not reading anything into it, just that the timing is odd given...
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    Federer's Headsize

    Can anyone tell me what the story is with "federer" advertised stick in Japan - presumbaly a different version again to the Asian n90 that i thoroughly enjoy hitting as the pallet is back to PS85 dimension and the weight a little heavier ... Thanks in advance