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    Interesting happenings with NorCal 40+ 4.5+ Nationals representative

    Not surprising, NORCAL is the same Section that cheated at Nationals 10+ yrs ago and started with a lifetime ban that USTA then made only 5 yrs for worst offender. USTA just showing they just do not care about rules, if someone threatens a lawsuit.
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    Service rules question...

    A receiver once in ready position can not become unready, unless it is extenuating (bee sting, outside interference).
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    Why not, let's pay attention to Challengers too...

    Jaime Yzaga was a fantastic player back in the 80's into the 90's
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    McNally Gauf in Linz

    very nice, glad to see she is backing up the media talk. She could be very special but it is still a few years out. Big thing will be how she reacts once players recognize her game and make adjustments. Right now her name is known due to media but game style not so much.
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    2020 USTA League Rules, no below level players in #1 spot in + leagues.

    so what does this do in the end, only affects the player if they are playing MXD or ESR leagues? Assume the player was more than likely getting a double-bump to 4.5 it would be assumed.
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    500 M/W at Tulsa for All American preQ Sat/Sun with 50% chance of rain Sat pm-some thoughts

    Colette Lewis has been using this link for updated results: AA Scores
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    500 M/W at Tulsa for All American preQ Sat/Sun with 50% chance of rain Sat pm-some thoughts

    hopefully coaches and fans will cut Tulsa some slack this year on the tournament, weather has not been good for portions of the tournament, but considering the logistics of a tournament with over 600 players they are doing well battling the elements. Pretty sure things will improve greatly over...
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    Week 2 of USTA League Nationals is four days away

    OKC is always windy, much like Vegas. PHX is always hot Mobile and Orlando always has rain Orlando also is a swamp. No win situation for Nationals come September/October
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    500 M/W at Tulsa for All American preQ Sat/Sun with 50% chance of rain Sat pm-some thoughts

    The men will be at Case the entire time. Women have been at Fortune TC (3 indoor) and also was able to use Southern Hills from the rain events over the past weekend. No live scoring at Fortune, unfortunately.
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    500 M/W at Tulsa for All American preQ Sat/Sun with 50% chance of rain Sat pm-some thoughts

    am I missing something on the streaming video? getting no stream available everytime going to look even though matches are on court.
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    Self rate explanation

    having seen even low tier SEC/Big 12 schools, even their lower line players and bench walk-ons were Top 200 National players and were walk-ons to these schools for a reason, not just some kid coming off the club team for hits and giggles.
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    Self rate explanation

    I get that but most D1's that give scholarships are 5.0 minimum. It in the end depends on the school and that needs to be looked at when filing grievances and ruling on them.
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    Self rate explanation

    I would have to disagree, if a walk-on it means the players is hitting day in and day out with the team, yes may not make on court for matches but imagine the level of improvement due to the daily coaching and practice with players 5.0+ every day. 4.0 should be boring to that player.
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    USTA League Nationals start in four days

    maybe it is time to bring back visual verifiers at the Sectional and National Level, but for crying out loud at least look incognito so players won't all of a sudden forget how to play while they are watching.
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    Anybody notice they rewrote the NTRP Guidelines?

    then don't play NTRP, it is a choice you make, play Age Events or Open, equals problem solved rather than continually ranting about a system that you detest.