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    And you thought serve and volley was bad....

    OP: "Not a SINGLE groundstroke" Video: shows Hercog hitting 15 groundstrokes in a row
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    Toni says Djokodal will overtake the Swiss Maestro

    It has to be said, Fed's Slam record becomes more and more tarnished the more Slams are skipped due to the pandemic while Djokodal still have an advantage over the field
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    Gloves - Playing with a glove on your non dominant hand?

    What's the point of wearing a glove if the virus - if it's on the ball - just goes from glove to face instead of from hand to face? It's the same thing if you touch your face. It's not like the virus can penetrate the skin on your hand. If you are concerned about the virus, just wipe any sweat...
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    Federer on his 2013-16, hopes tennis won't be played in empty stadiums

    It's either empty stadiums or no tennis until like 2022
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    Isn't it the other way around? Use purified water to purify his emotions?
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    Djokovic was 4-4 vs the top 5 in 2019

    Fed's match against Nadal lasted all of 3:02, 13 minutes more than Djokovic's SF. That enormous difference sure explains one of the greatest chokes in GS history :X3:
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    Better Passing Shots: Nadal or Djokovic?

    I think it's tough to make a good comparison. When Nadal entered his prime there were still holdovers from a bygone era -- there were more chances for him to show his skills as a passer, because people still came to the net and took risks. By the time Djokovic really hit his stride, the game...
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    Henri Leconte: Roland Garros 2020 should be canceled

    F1 has much of the same problems as tennis, and they are planning to restart with a modified schedule
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    NY Gov. Cuomo encourages pro sports to return in NY

    Some people here won't believe any tennis will be played this year until it actually happens. Heck, some will probably deny it happened even after the trophy is raised
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    Fedalovic Best Hair Rankings

    "Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away"
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    Djokovic News

    Jelena says Novak considered quitting tennis after a bad loss (to Paire in Miami, after losing to Taro Daniel in IW):
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    Federer started playing tennis at 8 myth busted

    Yup. Most likely he first picked up a racquet at 3, but got serious when he was 8
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    Nadal’s past love affair: "We were both 14", says Kirsten Flipkens

    Yeah, but Zuckerberg is some kind of alien android who probably doesn't understand the nuances of human nationality
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    UTR10 vs. UTR9.

    Hmmm, sure? But I think they would have a hard time beating a young and fit 5.0