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    First serve called out by serving team

    who calls a hindrance in a friendly game? just saying if it was a friendly game let the guy take 2 and move on. Calling a hindrance in a friendly game is almost like calling a foot fault in a friendly game.
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    Hawkeye and line calls

    I have watched several matches from an excellent vantage point and as a general rule, players play a lot more balls that are out that call balls out that are in. Even in tournaments and league play. Yes sometimes a call is missed or someone might hook you but if you ever watch an amateur match...
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    Do tennis coaches hate coaching adults?

    Of course they improve.
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    Post Your Most Recent Stringing Time

    Total Time: 23:00 plus or minus a few seconds Racquet Strung Prince Textreme tour 95 # of Mains/Crosses16X19 Pattern Used (1 or 2 piece, ATW) 2 String(s) Used Poly Pre-stretch? no Tension 50 Machine Strung On (CP, LO, DW) LO Other Factors/Misc Info: It's my racket and I string them a lot. I...
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    Continued decline of USTA tournament play in my area

    LOL.. wouldn't you know it. I just checked that again and it works...But I know for sure sometimes it doesn't
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    Continued decline of USTA tournament play in my area

    to start with doing it on an android phone throws everything off. not sure about an Iphone as there is an app. secondly when navigating between pages search data can get lost and then next thing you know your searching unlimited miles. or all tournaments which Brings back all the JR stuff...
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    Continued decline of USTA tournament play in my area

    I kinda disagree with that. I think the USTA has responsibility to help promote events. Not unlike Lucas Oil in Racing or NASCAR with local racing. I know NASCAR is on the decline as well but for different reasons. They do still promote local short track racing. What About the PBR...
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    Continued decline of USTA tournament play in my area

    Yes it does. I get so frustrated sometimes trying to use it I just stop. I actually can navigate it fairly well and it's still problematic. I personally believe the USTA should reach out to players within 100 miles of every tournament via email or possibly text msg. They sure as heck send...
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    How many more RG titles do you predict Rafa will win?

    he can win 3 and maybe more if he stays healthy. I think his body will give up within the next 3 years though
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    When was the last time someone tried to underhand serve you?

    I played against an older guy that said he was a National Ping Pong champion at one time. Or something to that effect. He would hit a funky ping pong underhand serve that was hard to handle the first couple times but then I figured it out. He told me going in he would do it sometimes and...
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    Texas Men's 4.0 18+ Sectionals - Aug. 14-16

    what 5.0 would get any enjoyment playing 3.5 tennis? that's ridiculous
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    Nationals at USTA Campus, things to do at the campus, around the area

    Chick fil A is one of the Best Restaurants ever. They also have great service. If you haven't been to one try it for sure
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    Trip report from 18+ NTRP Nationals (Doubles) @ Naples

    Very True, the majority of mistakes we all made at the nationals were mistakes of choice. not really dumping in the net or blasting one out. the mid Atlantic guys were super nice. I was pulling for them to win after they beat us.
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    Trip report from 18+ NTRP Nationals (Doubles) @ Naples

    Jeez did you have to remind me about loosing at 40 love.........
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    Is The ITF Service Rule Changing Youth Tennis?

    So we finished 5th. there were 3 teams there that were close and one of them was in our group so once we lost that one we could only play for 5th. We didn't play lets. the rules for this one were completely different from the rules in our qualifying tournament.