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    Trip report from 18+ NTRP Nationals (Doubles) @ Naples

    Very True, the majority of mistakes we all made at the nationals were mistakes of choice. not really dumping in the net or blasting one out. the mid Atlantic guys were super nice. I was pulling for them to win after they beat us.
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    Trip report from 18+ NTRP Nationals (Doubles) @ Naples

    Jeez did you have to remind me about loosing at 40 love.........
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    Is The ITF Service Rule Changing Youth Tennis?

    So we finished 5th. there were 3 teams there that were close and one of them was in our group so once we lost that one we could only play for 5th. We didn't play lets. the rules for this one were completely different from the rules in our qualifying tournament.
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    Is The ITF Service Rule Changing Youth Tennis?

    That's interesting.... I am playing in the NTRP nationals this weekend, Maybe we will try
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    Strings feel drastically different day to day?

    I have had this happen from time to time. one day everything feels great then all of a sudden everything about the racket is off. wish I could figure it out
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    Is Fast Four the future of MxD ?

    I played one of these fast four tournaments and enjoyed it. the format was more like a league state tournament where you have a group and play everyone in the group and then the group winners play a standard tourney format. I loved it. I played 5 singles matches and 4 doubles matches in a...
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    It is very tough to get a straight answer to these three NTRP questions...

    I am from GA. For the life of me I don't understand why the USTA doesn't have a uniform set of rules that each section must adhere to. The only thing I can think of is Money. The early start leagues allow them to make more money? Since the South has better weather the USTA must want to take...
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    USTA Norcal Suspends Burlingame Country Club over Racism

    I disagree that everyone should care if a club is Racist. I don't care in the least bit. There is a club in my home town called the CAFE Society. I am not sure what it is but it's an all black club and I am 100% ok with it. I do see your point about inviting the public and can see how that...
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    USTA Norcal Suspends Burlingame Country Club over Racism

    Who cares if a posh rich private country club is racist? I know I don't. There are clubs all over the country that discriminate on some basis. heck that's the reason for having a private club. I say if they don't want me to be there or as a member I am 100% ok with it. Don't play the...
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    When your opponent makes an out call before the ball has landed

    I hate when people do this to me. I also must say I have done it myself.I have alos gotten burned twice by doing this on serves that have a ton of spin and just fool me, however the two times I have done it and it burned me I quickly awarded the point to my competitor. My partner was peeved...
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    No ad scoring system is very flawed

    I wish I could get that through my thick skull sometimes You don't have to win a point with a winner, it is ok if you win points when your opponent succumbs and makes the error.
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    No ad scoring system is very flawed

    I like no add scoring. We started doing this when we had an odd number of guys playing so we used no add to speed it up so the next guy could get in and play. I like the extra pressure it adds so when I play a tournament or something I am used to the pressure. The only thing no add does is...
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    Another tournament cancellation:-(

    USTA has done a poor job of promoting Tennis in general. They try to do something for Jr's but that's it. They do nothing to promote adult tennis. Tennis is one of those sports that the parents usually get the kids involved so it would seem that promoting adult tennis would also help the jr...
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    Finally Got Hit In The Face

    Took one in the chest from the court beside us. I was taken wide and the court beside us served wide. square in the middle of the chest. didn't so much as even blink an eye. On the other hand my partner hit me in the side with an errant rocket serve that took my breath and left a huge mark...
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    Impressions from a Fast 4 tournament

    I don't care for fast 4 either but I would rather play than not. I do appreciate the single day event. those make it a bit easier to attend..