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    Wilson Blade CV Appreciation Thread

    Exactly my expirience. Love the CV, love the v7 even more.
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    Does anyone think that Federer might benefit from an 18x20 pattern in his RF97?

    Ok you got me, i confess, i am actually Roger in disguise of a brasilian recreational player to read this forum. After all the recomendations, i am switching for a babolat aero drive 100in, with a customized 18x20 pattern. I will also change my backhand for a two hander and my forehand grip...
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    Too much topspin?

    That's a hell of a competition. I can't tell who is worst or best between those
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    wilson blade

    Already posted on the blade 2019 thread. But in a few words: Way better racquet than CV version, more comfort, easier to use, same power. Notice an improvement on serves and backhand slices. Only thing CV has an edge is on plow through. Biggest downside, but easy to solve of the v7, is the...
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Regarding PJ. I really enjoyed the V7, and it looks to be a better qualitu paint than in CV.
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Power for me was pretty much the same as CV, but CV did has more plow, imo.
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    So, had my first hit with my blade v7 16x19 last night. It came with 325g strung. (Can't measure balance). From the first hit i was amazed with the racquet, nice feel, easier to use than the CV version. The two strokes that i found way better with the new blade comparing with the CV were the...
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    The new blade V7 May just be the best blade so far

    Ok. Had a hit for the first time with the v7 last night. I have to agree, this is a gem. Way better than CV.
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    wilson blade

    I'll test both side by side tonight. i really enjoy the CVs, let's see who get the win for me.
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    Why is it that most pros with eastern forehand grips use a Wilson Pro Staff

    Delpo uses a Wilson 6.1 not a pro staff. Dimitrov has changed his racquet more often than most of us. Only Federer uses a Pro Staff as a "keeper".
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    It's now on the Yonex Website! VCORE Pro EMERALD

    From your review and experience, looks like the HD is a better racquet. Can't wait to try one.
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    Best Racquet for an Eastern Forehand Grip

    i really don't think there is a right racquet for a type of grip.
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    Does anyone think that Federer might benefit from an 18x20 pattern in his RF97?

    You forgot that he needs to change his one hand backhand for a two handed, way more suitable for the modern game. LOL
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    Wilson QC Improving?!

    I had the same luck on my 3 blades CV.
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Hell yeah, my new blade was just posted, this was really fast considering i live in south america. I'll have mine on tuesday and will bring it to the court for a side by side hit with my CVs. Can't wait.