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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    I can’t decide if my dealer loves me or hates me. (we would both be in trouble if I said how much I got this for!)
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    Djokovic USO press conference

    I would say "I’m not a Djokovic fan," but after that interview it’s hard not to like the guy. That was an interview of a real champion.
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    The way Djokovic went down in straight sets tells me something was up

    Yeah, he finally felt loved and appreciated, and the tennis no longer mattered as much.
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    Gear to handle off-center impacts better...

    they’re different materials. They feel totally different.
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    Customizing a Wilson Pro Staff 97L / LS to a Wilson Pro Staff

    I like him, but what a hack!
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    The fallacy of heavy racquets?

    I think the Conservation of Momentum is more appropriate here. It gets more complicated than most people on a non-scientific forum care to deal with.
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    String recommendation for late beginner

    Head Velocity strung at 58lbs. It has great tension maintenance, good spin for a multi, and at 56-58lbs it totally kills power. And it's only $11. If you string at 56lbs, it eventually drops down a few lbs and I found the power picks up a bit. At 58lbs it might feel a little stiff but it softens...
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    Gear to handle off-center impacts better...

    I can't comment on this since I like high tension. I'd read through the Velocity dedicated thread. I know guys are using and liking tensions much lower than what I use. I will say that Velocity feels a bit softer than NXT at the same tension. NXT was the last string I had in my sticks before I...
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    Gear to handle off-center impacts better...

    Absolutely try a string change first. Try Head Velocity. It's a great string, good tension maintenance, and has a little bit of a rubbery feel so I think it will be good for vibration. I can't say it will cure your problem but it's an $11 try. I get a little vibration in my racket with a certain...
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    Twist Weight - how to define question?

    You're on the right track. If you increased twist weight of the big racket, it would deflect less. Like mentioned above, you can't really determine twist weight from that situation. If you had two similar rackets with different twist weight and then felt what you felt, that would indicate which...
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    Difference between Gut/Multi and full bed multi ?

    I also string my FB multi at 58, because I like how it plays at 55-56. If I string at 56 it loses too much tension and becomes a trampoline (to me, everyone has a different perspective.) And this is with Head Velocity which has good tension maintenance.
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    PS97 v13 String Recommendations

    I had a PS97 and am playing RF97. I have Alu Power 17 cross and Prince Lightning Pro 16 (syn gut) mains. It's very controllable and low powered when I need it to be, but springs to life when I swing out. I'm at 60/57 tension. The Lightning Pro has really good tension maintenance and stays...
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    The fallacy of heavy racquets?

    For me, personally, there's an intricate balance between total weight, swing weight, balance, and grip size. I was loving my L2 TF40 from the baseline and serving, but from midcourt to the net I felt like I wanted to be more connected to the head. I tried adding weight do different places on the...
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    The fallacy of heavy racquets?

    Both of my teaching pros play or played the RF. One became a Yonex ambassador and now plays their 330g stick. The other is 5.0c 2020 rating currently playing RF.