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  • I noticed a remark on the forum you have year chronicles of Spalding in the early years.
    I am trying to pin down a ca date of racket Geneva.
    3 different logo's have been used.
    1 goldish stating New York and Chicago
    2 New York, Chicago and Philadelphia.
    3 A.G. Spalding Bros Logo stated in outer black cirkel around the goldish center.
    Hope you can help me in which period which logo is used.
    joe sch
    joe sch
    Hi Arrie,

    The fancy gold logo is from 1890 .. 1910 approx.
    The round logo is from 1910 .. 1940 approx.

    Another clue of antique racket date is the throat wedge.
    If solid then probably earlier than 1910 approx
    if laminated wood than more recent than 1910 approx

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