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    Marco Cecchinato to win Roland Garros 2019

    I hope he does.
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    USO final 2015 ... Novak at the end ... pointing to himself...

    That match, for me, was the ULTIMATE Djokovic. Sports psychologists should watch this in universities. Awe inspiring.
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    AO 19 Final In Full

    Just watched the match again. Novak simply took away time from Rafa. Took important real estate, even when Rafa was on serve. Giving NO time or rhythm. No short balls where Rafa can unleash any forehand bombs. Also Rafa simply COULD NOT read Novak's serve or shot selection easily. He was...
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    Agassi: If Murray played in my era, he would win 3 times more

    There is no doubt about this. I often say, that if Murray was active between 2000-2010, he would have at least 7-8 to his name.
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    AO 19 Final In Full

    Courier, and Hewitt are great commentators.
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    Novak and Boris interaction after the final

    Boris played an important role in Novak's career, and I am sure Novak knows this.
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    Rafa academy going global!

    On the contrary, Djokovic own 3 restaurants in Serbia, that serve food to homeless people.
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    Rafa academy going global!

    Beautiful place. But another great tennis resort has also opened in Crete, which is pretty schmick, to to say the least. Greece has by far the best mountain/beach combination in the world. You can be skiing on a mountain, and view blue water underneath.
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    Can Novak win 1 GS title per year during next 5 years?

    If the Djoker times himself well, in other words plays where he wants to play, and not burn the candle at both ends.....yes he can win slams in the next 2-3 years.
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    Uncle Toni’s speech and analysis if AO final

    Yep. And the "new serve", and "faster game", were no doubt in aggreance with Uncle Toni, no doubt. Perhaps a sign of the times. You cannot start something, you cannot finish. Rafa needs his old game back. If he can still play it, that is. I said, that these changes were not a sign of...
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    Uncle Toni’s speech and analysis if AO final

    I think they parted ways amicably. Given that, I'm sure Uncle Toni still has the ear of Moya and Rafa.
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    Uncle Toni’s speech and analysis if AO final

    Man, as much I love Rafa, it would be crazy if Novak overtakes his slam count. The excuses as to why Rafa is better than Novak, would be insane. It will send the tennis world into a tailspin, literally. Because we have heard some unbelievable excuses for Novak not being an ATG. WTF's don;t...
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    Uncle Toni’s speech and analysis if AO final

    Sometimes I get the feeling that Uncle Toni, wishes Novak was his nephew.