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    Rafi's backhand. How do we rate it?

    It might not be the best offensive shot but in terms of defense it holds up extremely well and almost never breaks down Especially on clay
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    Unpopular hypothetical matchup opinions?

    Nadal beats Djokovic peak for peak at Wimbledon and USO
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    What’s the match that you most regret not watching live?

    This thread reminded me of how every Roland Garros final match for Djokovic from 2012 onward I missed (And the 2013 semi) I would periodally check the score online and then I’d be disappointed every year cus he always lost Then the year when I finally get to watch the final he beats Murray :)
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    Djokovic AO08 vs Nadal AO09: Who wins?

    I’d take Novak in 5 Would be awesome
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    Create Your Own Favorite Match, Set by Set

    That would be ridiculous
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    Del Potro RG 2009 v Wawrinka RG 2015 - Who wins?

    Tennis wins 5 setter either way
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    Nadal: AO 2009 vs USO 2010

    I simply have to go for AO just for the fact at how many times I thought points were over but they weren’t His opponents were moving him around and hitting lines every 3 seconds so I’m like what else could you do lol USO serving was something else though so I could also see that making a difference
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    Best straight set matches in GS

    Davydenko Fed RG 2007
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    The first match in one of the greatest rivalries of the modern era

    Overall I’m not a huge fan of the rivalry but they’ve got some pretty good matches in there (the usual suspects) I really enjoyed Doha 17 too
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    The image that perfectly capture what 1990s Wimbledon was like from the 1994 Wimbledon final

    I think the early 2000s was the best speed 90s was too fast and now it’s too slow
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    How good was Djokovic in this match?

    Single best AO performance from Novak imo
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    Greater Player Kuerten, Roddick or Dimitrov

    I mean it’s ok to be passionate about it but at the end of the day it’s just a dumb sport about hitting a ball over a net
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    Your opinions that majority of people do not share?

    I mean in terms of accomplishments the big 3 are way ahead I just think in playing level they’re all pretty similar is all
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    Your opinions that majority of people do not share?

    I really like all of the big four I don’t dislike any of them