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    Can we talk about Bjorn Born Hallucinating resemblance to Steve Carell from the Office ?!

    What about Kachanov and Liam Hensworth !!!!! They're practically brothers
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    Tennis @Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)

    Yeah it is normal that they recruit non-black players. The university being HBCU does not mean that they only allow black students. Especially in tennis teams, kids are from all over Europe where Tennis is a bigger deal than in America. I have always seen a majority of non-black kids in College...
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    Federer Uniqlo outfits: full catalogue

    Thanks for making me remember all those great outfits !
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    Can you call a let if your shoe comes untied?

    It is very strange, It might be considered impossible if not intentional to lose your shoe during a point. A player is more likely to lose his hat because of the wind then his shoe.
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    In my experience, it is very possible especially in her freshman and sophomore year to have a social life as well as doing med school and playing D1 tennis. The last two years of college, however, seems quite time-taking. I have friends who study the rest of the time not spent on the court, and...
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    More and more college teams include Futures and Challengers on their season schedules

    I think that it is a great way for college players to flirt with the professional tournaments and to get a taste of what is waiting for them on the other side of college if they want to go pro. I would like to note that only a few schools actually include ITF tournaments like Futures in their...
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    Does Djokovic have any incentive to beat Federer?

    Does Djokovic have an incentive to beat Federer ??? That’s funny ahah
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    Why UTR is a deeply flawed system.

    I do not agree with you at all... I think that UTR is the best tool to evaluate someone's shape at any time. You can tell if someone is in good shape by looking at their UTR. The fact that the weight of your last matches count more is what makes things interesting
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    "Federer plays better on faster surfaces" myth busted

    I believe that he just did not play good today, and when that happens sometimes you just feel out of timing and rhythm and you feel like the court is so fast and that everything happens very quickly...
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    Has any pro made it from D-3 or D-2 college tennis?

    In my experience I have seen many D3 players with a level that is high enough to win Futures qualies and win couple rounds after that !
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    Edberg thinks the WTF is bigger than ever

    Yeah I haven't figured it out yet ...
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    Edberg thinks the WTF is bigger than ever

    Yes In mostly every other sport, the Olympics are the highest competition.
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    Funniest posters in TTW

    Mmmmm, after a long reflexion , I would say @Johnatan
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    word association game

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    word association game