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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    The Clash 100 is extremely comfortable and, with the proper string setup, you can keep good comfort while still getting excellent control. I have a sensitive wrist and elbow, and almost never used full bed poly in my prior racket (Head Speed MP). With the Clash 100 I've had no problems...
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    When you cant poly, or nat gut...

    Technifibre HDX Tour 17ga. is a fantastic combination of multi-type comfort with poly-type control. Head FXP Tour is similar, but I prefer HDX. I would think that any player strong enough or with enough racket head speed to play poly but chooses not to for durability or comfort reasons would...
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    String choice for Rec players

    I can’t recommend Prince Topspin highly enough. It’s basically Prince syn gut with Duraflex, but they add additional wraps to give it a slight texture. So, you get the comfort and cost of a syn gut, but better spin performance. Love it.