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    rogers new frame update,

    HAHAHAHA this had me on the floor. so true.
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    Is Federer's prime longer than what people originally thought?

    i see what you're implying there...:roll:
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    Wilson six one 95 Pro Staff

    Just got this stick two days ago so Im still honeymooning a bit but I really do like it a lot! I switched from the blx90 and now I feel like I can just put my racquet out there and hit a solid shot from wherever. Also living the extra spin I'm getting too. I'm using champions choice at 53lbs but...
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    Any one else shed tears when Andy spoke?

    I agree, Murray didn't cry because he was upset for losing, you could clear see that he felt like he let everyone down. I got pretty teary eyed when his voice cracked. I really felt for him, i have played some team sports where people counted on me and i couldn't quite get there. that was just a...
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    Federer's TOPSPIN part 2

    im gonna pretend like i didn't see that wiff 0.0
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    Luke Jensen said Rafa went heavier and Roger bigger

    riiiight, i doubt Fed will ever change his racket while he competes at this stage in his career, i love the guy and he is my favorite player, but come on...its Fed, we all know he doesn't change anything but his babies diapers. the guy is too stubborn...
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    Nike Clash of Champions

    yeah idk why they didn't do something cool for him either:neutral: BUT he did have a cool RF hat that was the green with a yellow RF (think oakland A's colors). it was sick and i wanted to steal it from him, thats what they should have sold instead of the yellow RF hat thats already on the market...
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    Nike Clash of the Champions Gear

    Thats all that i saw, everything was just "Duck" colored (green and yellow) the the green "TENNIS" shirt they had in mens and womens, a clash of the champions t shirt (kinda cool i guess), Rogers yellow RF, and a COC drawstring backpack. thats all i saw anyway. ROger was wearing a sick RF hat...
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    Nike Clash of the Champions Gear

    it was a promo, the colors are varsity maze/(gorge green). i thought it was the same as well until i saw the girl helping me wearing it. can't wear it with much but i had to have :)
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    Nike Clash of Champions

    Also this kid had a giant portrait of roger that he painted signed by the man himself, as a fellow artist and fed fan...i would have loved that opportunity.
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    Nike Clash of Champions

    I just got back! it was amazing! I'm from Eugene, OR so this was a big treat for me and all of us Oregonians that fortunate to travel and see the big events. i have to say the mixed dubs was probably my favorite part!
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    Nike Clash of the Champions Gear

    picked up a nice yellow W/ green swoosh bandana! that event was soooo fun, everyone was awesome!
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    Nike Clash of the Champions Gear

    Yeah i just want a cool jacket and/or some sweet bandanas!