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    yonex sponsor

    I am sponsored by yonex, I am top 40 in Ontario, and top 75 in Canada.
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    Good clubs for kids in Toronto ?

    Well, It really depends how much money you have, and on your location. Here are a few: The Boulevard Club- trains very good juniors ACE Tennis Mayfair West The Cricket Club Adventure Valley Hope this helps!
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    ok....which 2 racquets?

    Have you ever tried those racquets? The Mircrgel Extreme is one of the hardest racquets to hit... because of its strange head size. I can barely play with it... and I am a solid 5.5 player. The nBlade is such a players racquet... that many pros cant handle it. The prince is not a bad choice...
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    Ur way above 2.5 man more like a 4!
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    And get a life, there's something wrong when you have over 3,000 posts since last may.
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    IT'S CALLED COMPUTER LINGO IT'S EASIER TO TYPE, AND IT TAKES LESS TIME IT'S DIFFERENT THAN SPELLING SPONSORSHIP WRONG SORRY I FORGOT A COUPLE OF APOSTROPHES KILL ME god She is I'm I'm My advice She is All I said Fitter (more fit is actually fine idiot, because it refers to the past...
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    Could you please read what you wrote in that last line over in your head. It makes absolutely no sense at all. "your spelling is, at least in posts in this thread, about as bad OPs (or even worse!)" ur weird i wasnt even being rude to her in the first place.... just stop posting, your grammar...
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    U don't know what your talking about. Im a straight A english student, and this girl dosent even know how to spell "Sponsor", give me a break.
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    I see ur point, I just think that she should check some stuff out for herself, like the company names and what not she should be doing all of that based on her preferences. If shees good enough to get a sponsorship, I think that she would know a bit more, thats all.. I play 18 hours a week...
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    My Comparative Playtest of Dunlop AG200 vs. B. Becker 11 vs. Head MicroGEL Radical MP

    I have to disagree... I think that the volleys are really good with it. It's fairly head light, so the volleys may not have much "pop" but they go where you want them!
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    How is that a bad thing to say towards my company... all i sayd was that it takes hard work... its not just handed to you. I worked my butt off to get more fit, and to get my ranking up... and im very thankfull for yonex.
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    hhahh sounds like this kid is lazy to me it takes hard work
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    get it yourself... if you dont know how to contact them... or they havent found you all ready your not ready for one or just not good enough. I got a Sponsorship... but it took alot of work.... and patience...