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    Emma Raducanu seems to be having the time of her life

    At this pace she is going to surpass Fed in money by next year and retire without having to win another match.
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    Has Dustin Brown provided the template?

    Peak Brown would easily destroy the best Djokovic on grass.
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    Did you play Beach Tennis already?

    I know what OP means, it looks easier and people look to be having more fun, but my pride of 22 years of tennis experience keeps me from going that path. It is possible that in tue future beach tennis will replace tennis in the Olympics.
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    IMHO. neither Rafa or Roger are EVER winning another GS title

    Nah, Nadal still the favourite for RG, if it wasn't for a certain guy then Rafa would still keep his RG win streak rolling. Fed is done, but he is 67 years old.
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    Nadal: “I’m not at all afraid of life without tennis”

    Is Nadal cheating the readers?
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    Does Murray have the ugliest game ever among ATGs?

    His lob is handsome.
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    Rune, on the frozen ranking: “I’m angry, the system is unfair"

    Until Fed wins something the rankings will be frozen, deal with it.
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    The difference in the USO court speed is greater than I remembered

    Its because they use stats like number of aces to have a reference of speed. Just have some Isner vs Anderson match and the tournament speed will go up.
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    Don't look now, but it looks like Djokovic's dad was right.

    I want to see updated Srdjan predictions.
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    Overlooked matches featuring the Big 3

    Sometimes i wonder: if Gasquet had a normal neck, would he be shorter than Schwartzman? And then i sleep.
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    Are Norrie and Basilashvili elite players?

    Basilashvili differently from Zverev gets the job done.
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    Federer vs Djokovic . Who is greater?

    What? Fed lost a poll? TTW is really in decline..