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    Pacific Replacement for Fischer MSpeed Pro No 1 98 help?

    Fair enough, although I can think of a (quite a ) few frames that can feel more different than those two.
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    Fischer Pro 1 in a modern racquet?

    + 1 for Yonex DR98. You won’t find anything out there that has the same sweet “ceramic” crispness to it (never tried Pacific, though). DR98 is a great all round frame on its own account.
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    Any 5.0 Players Switch From Players Frame to Babolat and Get Even Better?

    I tail-weighted my first ever frame (super light, super thick Wilson K Rush FX) with some weight at the tip to make it nicely polarized and it’s a great frame to play around with. I still use Tour G 330 most of the time but after a three hour clay court session, I feel like boiled cr@p. After...
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    If you can handle a heavier racquet, is there any benefit to a lighter frame?

    If you’re after the cause of the pain, you’ll have to detect what changed/changes (string, tension, weather conditions, your stroke path when you tire, etc...). If you’re after benefits of heavier, head light setup vs lighter one, you’ll have to identify what is it that’s missing, what you’re...
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    If you can handle a heavier racquet, is there any benefit to a lighter frame?

    Another factor is weight distribution and how it compliments ones playing style. Rafa most certainly could swing a much heavier frame, it just wouldn’t help him play better. His style is better suited to lighter, more head heavy setups rather than traditional players specs.
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    The TT Football Club

    European competitions you mean Champions league? Because British clubs started to take European League seriously only after the winner was awarded a UCL spot. Before that a weekend match against Burnley was a priority (and considering attendance at, say, Manchester City UCL matches... it still...
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    What Racquet Plays Like a 90 Square Inch Babolat Pure Drive

    If you want a commanding racquet with easy access to spin and power while still having specs close to a players racquet, Angell TC95 is one of your best bets. Burn 95 is an intriguing racquet, too.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Needed lead for both, in TC95 more because of feel than stability.
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    'New' used racket?

    I think it’s some sort of brain teaser. Not sure if I want to tease my brain that much, though.
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    'New' used racket?

    Ditto, same frame (Tour version).
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    Artengo shoes and apparel?

    I like their white shorts and their tennis socks are nice, too. Bought from Decathlon, on par with recent Nike dri-fit shorts while costing fraction of the price (I still have some Federer Nike woven shorts from 8 years ago which are one level up in quality but it’s at least one level up from...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    I'm sure I have. Too many options, too little time...using what's left of summer for outdoor sports, not much time for telly afterwards.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Of course yes. Laver Cup is good, I was in Prague a year ago and witnessed Roger and Rafa team up. Didn't care for all the marketing but that's what Laver Cup is mostly about, I guess. Haven't seen a single point of this years edition, though...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    He played doubles with Nenad Zimonjic in Davis Cup as well as on ATP Tour so he has experience. He’s just not that good at doubles, apparently.
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    Hello Pacific, anyone home?

    Pacific bought the rights from Fischer - an Austrian company. Yet you mean Pacific, I guess. They moved the company from Germany to New Zealand...hence Pacific, most probably.