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    Wilson Juice 100S

    The guy at my shop convinced me to go with the 16L at 56 lb on the tour bite. Excited to see how this hits.
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    Tennis games for groups?

    Does anyone have any links that explain tennis games you can play with groups? Things like kings court, olympic tennis, etc...I'm sure there are variations on the names, but basically looking for games/drills that I can do with a group of (mostly beginner adult) tennis players. Thanks!
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    Wilson Steam 99S for sale or trade

    Do you have any pics of the steam?
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    Wilson Steam 99S for sale or trade

    Got any pics?
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    Wilson juice 108

    Does anyone know if these have the Wilson W on the butt cap and then "China" underneath the W?
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    Wilson Juice 100S

    I'm about to order the 17g tour bite for my 100s. What tension should I be using?
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    WTB: Tennis Bag

    Just looking for something that holds a couple racquets and gear.
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    Iphone Apps

    Any good tennis related iphone apps you guys use?