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    Canada - Be Glad You Don't Live Here! TSN Coverage

    Gee, I thought they were still showing the ice fishing tourney or the curling championships?
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    Blake at 2010 Wimbledon

    I'm astonished that someone actually cares....
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    Balls from from my pocket - Rules / Courtesy

    This is pretty simple in my view. The let has to be called during the point being played, preferably as soon as someone notices the errant ball. Since no one called a let during the point, it stands as played. Do you honestly think your opponent would be asking for a let if she had won the...
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    How do you Parallel Park?

    I recently taught my 16 year old daughter how to parallel park. She also had to demonstrate she could do it during her driving exam. In the exam they are totally anal about the distance to the curb the passenger side tires are, as well as how close you come to the cars on either end of the...
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    Hurtin' for something different

    I use Tonic these days, 15L. I find it plays as well as VS and it's more economical ($10 less). On occasion you will get a package that has a blemish, but in my experience this happens very infrequently (1 out of 50 packages maybe). The total string cost is $22 and lasts ~20 hours of hitting...
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    Hurtin' for something different

    Gut mains w/soft co-poly crosses? It seems that the OP's primary objective is to save his arm. Spin production is another objective, but secondary to comfort. Then there is the economics. The issue of cost is complicated and does not necessarily correlate well with the price of strings. So my...
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    fh wrist technique "fix": popsicle stick?

    I think I understand what you mean. Drak is correct in that 'pronate' is probably not the word you wanted here, even though pronation likely happens on his follow through (but also isn't the source of his wrist pain). It sounds like the Pro has placed the popsicle stick in a position to try and...
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    Your favorite natural gut hybrid?

    This will make for an interesting combo, but I bet you come back to gut mains too. When I hit with a full set of RPM I was surprised at how soft it was and it had reasonable feel for a co-poly. There is definitely some masking going on with gut mains. Still, with Lux crosses I can feel it die...
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    Interesting idea for another prediction style game..

    Wow....I can't believe how quickly this thread devolved. I came back to check in hoping to see a scoring system proposal from egn and we end up here? I thought egn had a good idea. There were several other suggestions and ideas contributed as well. The thread was pregnant with promise. And now...
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    'Big Butter Jesus' melts, clogging the arteries of thousands

    The really sad thing thing is this is not fraud. Not even close. These folk are as dumb as wood, possibly dumber. Faith has a way of making things easy. No need to ask questions or even think. Praise the Lord and would ya please pass the white lightning?
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    'Big Butter Jesus' melts, clogging the arteries of thousands

    Well, his humor is top notch, regardless as to whether he gets it or not. Besides, often the funniest lines are uttered without any intent to be humorous.
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    Boris Becker Tennis gone?

    Gotta be able to laugh at yourself. Besides, I'm a tennis player. I've had the best training in the world for this!
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    'Big Butter Jesus' melts, clogging the arteries of thousands

    I'm sorry, but I find this statement humorous.
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    'Big Butter Jesus' melts, clogging the arteries of thousands

    Your right. It is their money and they have made it quite clear what their priorities are. This is why I don't give money to any church. I'd much rather provide the kid down the street a pair of shoes or a decent meal. Speaking of faith, I wonder what Jesus would do?