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    Who are all the players in the top 100 with One Handed Backhands?

    Canadian junior Denis Shapolov won this year Wimbledon junior - he has nice 1 handback hand. He will be playing both in Washington and Toronto - might want to try and look for him in qualifying or early rounds.
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    Who will end up with more slams - Rafa or Novak?

    Who's going to stop Dojokovic? I don't see any threats and he looks very focused about his tennis.
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    Raonic has a shot at FO 2016

    He should skip the French and focus on Wimbledon and US Opens. I don't think his body can take the pounding at the French. He seems to be quite injury prone.
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    Djokovic 2016 AO Performance

    2016 first 2 sets against Federer - in my opinion are the best sets ever played by anyone on this planet in the history of Tennis. It was unbelievable!
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    Murrays chances tonight- any advice ??

    Play like the Gille Simon....if Djokovic doesn't start making unforced errors then there's nothing Murray can do. I don't think Murray can out hit Djokovic.
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    Will Fed ever catch up to Navratilova / Evert 18 slams?

    I think it would be difficult for older players to win in this environment of strict doping control. It would be very hard for older players to recover from tough matches to continue later in the tournaments. Especially most grand slams have roofs - the chances of matches being postponed for the...
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    Not that i mean that is happening, but does not look like Djoko is throwing a match?

    It looked strange. I thought he was injured or had something like food poisoning. He wasn't moving, looked like he couldn't focus. Sort of like Serena - when she had some health issues - where she seemed dazed and confused.
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    Drop Shot Etiquette

    Hitting a drop shot off a drop shot is good play. It ensures you have another shot as you are in position to cover the next shot.
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    Peya Soares Split?

    I would be interested knowing this as well. There are few interesting changes in the doubles teams. Too bad no one actually reports on doubles.
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    Brad Gilbert breakdown

    Very boring game to watch. But he did make the most of his talent and abilities. Gilbert and Todd Martin - ruined a lot of good tournaments by knocking out much better players.
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    The legitimacy of the timing of a challenge

    Who's the umpire on Federer's call - I like him - made the correct call. The other match is more difficult call - it appeared as if server realized he couldn't get the return and decided might as well try the challenge. Maybe the players need to challenge before the ball bounces on their side of...
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    Roger Federer: A very good deed indeed!

    A touching story.
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    Is lead tape the heaviest?

    Thanks for the suggestions. 2x4 cm strips weighing 50g sounds promising. Guess will have to do some testing and see what might work.
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    Is lead tape the heaviest?

    Hello, I'm in need of adding around 90g to the handle. Is lead tape the heaviest tape one can get or is there a tape or material that is heavier? I bought a roll of lead tape from a golf store - but to get 90g it requires a lot of tape - this makes it very bulky was wondering if there any other...