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    Who will win most slams?

    Nadal with 23
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    11 years of hurt for Fed. Why?

    I would bet that USO is the toughest mix of conditions. Humid, rainy, then sunny and dry. Night time matches , rowdy crowds, last of the slams for the year, less gas left in the tank. Wimbledon seems pretty controlled at least behavior of crowds wise and time of matches. AO has stable weather...
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    It's too hot to play tennis in NY this week

    Very true. Be careful out there. Heat stroke can kill.
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    When Fanfic meets Reality: If Federer has gotten worse, why are his stats better?

    Still, a great performance by a guy who is in his upper 30s. We'll see how Djok and Nadal do when they're that age. I would suspect that Djok will be in reasonable shape .
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    Open letter to Federer about Kyrgios

    Rublev should replace Kyrios. His backstory and the way that he conducted himself during his win against Fed are worthy of replacement.
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    Kyrgios being targeted

    I don't see Rublev doing any of this.
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    Novak celebration

    Well deserved win from Djoko. As a Fed fan, I don't believe that Djoko deserves some of the criticism ? and stigma that he has had to endure. Yet the Fed fan crowd psychology affect against anyone who beats the maestro, is certainly an impossible hurdle to overcome.
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    Federer News

    He has: 1) switched to a larger sized racquet 2) perhaps angling the backhand grip differently 3) positioned himself right up to the baseline. By positioning "on" the baseline and angling the backhand, he can take the ball more aggressively ( hitting "over' the ball ). In the past, slicing...
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    Federer News

    It was mentioned that Fed has 100+ career match wins at Wimbledon. Yet remarkably, he also has 98 AO career match wins.
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    Key to Federer dominating Nadal recently is he learnt to relax about Nadal

    Nadal was the only quandary during Fed years 2003-2010 ( besides fluke losses from the likes of such as Del Potro ). A bigger frame, an adjustment in technique, and not as much investment in needing to break any / many more records and he can play a more mature style of tennis.
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    Nadal has the highest winning % in the Open Era

    In terms of least losing matches as % of total matches ( starting with 1st slam win year ), Connors has it at 11.6%, Fed with 14.1%, Djoko with 14.9%. Nadal with 17.2%
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    Who has the best forehand in the ATP tour?

    In terms of technical structure and efficiency = Fed
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    16, 19 or 21

    Two records possibly threatened: the Wimbledon record ( by Djokovic ) or the male Grand Slam record ( by Nadal ). This would be 5 Wimbs for Novak. With the way he has been playing, It isn't inconceivable that he could do three (or four ) more.
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    Is Kyrgios really super talented as some suggest ?

    He bails on points, loses concentration, misses "routine" shots, and makes strange decisions. Has yet to break these habits. As the younger generation of players, Thiem and Tsitipas appear to have better, long rallying concentration . . .
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    Federer lost 5 matches in 2006 o_O

    Yes. In conversing with elder tennis buddies from the era, they say "he had a left arm bigger than Nadal's" ..