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    Federer News

    Aaah yes … the "good old days "
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    Federer and the bagel

    Good topic …. Not many "top" players ( eating bagels ) in the single digits. Sampras had 9 and Roddick had 6 ( one of which was incurred by Federer in Aust Open 2007 match ) which is understandable
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    Is anyone else a wee bit worried about Fed today?

    New venue, new location, new surface. May take time to adjust.
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    Federer is such a joy to watch from a strict esthetic standpoint's magic ( especially when seen live )...
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    2019 Indian Wells F - [4] Federer vs [7] Thiem

    Looking forward to seeing Fed play on clay again
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    I think it is time that us, Nole's fans start to...

    Federer is a wonderful "laboratory" of a player that has kept his health and strength, has retained his skill set, and has developed and evolved "nuance" through experience. in addition to the inside out forehand winners of which he has used forever, it is fascinating to watch him construct the...
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    I have best seats in house to Federer

    I want to attend next year. How much in advance did you buy the tickets ? And were you able to know that it was a Federer match beforehand ? Thanks
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    Stefanos Tsitsipas

    Reminds me of Kuerten the Great
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    Which Men's Record is least likely to be broken?

    McEnroe's best single-season match record (for a male player) in the Open Era with win-loss record: 82–3 (96.5%)
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    Djokovic can already become the GOAT in the next slam

    It would be interesting to see these players play with wood or T 2000 racquets ...
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    What will happen when Federer retires?

    It will be cheaper and easier to get into and park at Indian Wells !
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    Very disappointed with Nadal

    Some of it appears to be Djok's excellent return of serve skills. Djok doesn't let Nadal win those short, one - two punch service points based on weak service returns that every other player succumbs to.
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    There's a Fed Era and a Djokovic Era. No Nadal Era!

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Djok will give Nadal a run for his money at RG. The stadium at RG is being reconstructed and modernized as we speak, and that may have some sort of effect on the tournament.
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    Walk Right In, Tsitsipas Right Down, Stefanos Let Your Game Roll On!

    He is reminiscent of Kurten … Fed had trouble with Kuerten
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    It was this match that permanantly damaged Murray into retirement

    10 years is about the max that these players can go. Surprised that Nadal has gone so long.