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    How to string aeropro control to avoid elbow and arm problem

    How to string aeropro control to avoid elbow and arm problem I play with the same stick and I am also a 3.5 player. I use NRG2 17 gauge and string at 62 lbs. I can not tell you how to stop the arm problem as the stick is heavy and stiff. I guess you could try one of those arm friendly strings...
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    Aeropro Control users: what the string and tension are you using, and your opinion.

    Opinion for Aeropro control string tension I have the control plus and strung it 1 pound above the max tension. It has good control, but not a ton of power. When I bought it it was strung somewhere in the middle and had alot less control for me personally, but alot more pop to it. Hope that...
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    Searching for my long lost Volkl stick

    I am playing with the old Volkl quantum V1. Been around for a good many years Yellow and black and grey with a 102 head size. Great feel and power. Control not bad either. They just discontinued it and replaced it with the DMX or DNX can't remember.....
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    Thoughts on the New Babolat Aero Pro's

    I have been looking around this page for as much detail as I can get on the new Aero Pros. I have seen only 1 or 2 small reviews on it and wondered if there is anyone out there that can give me some more feedback on them. How forgiving on miss hits, how much power for someone with a medium...